October 17, 2016 09:22 AM
Rob Davis/Startraks
Rob Davis/Startraks

Carrie Bradshaw may have had a difficult time mastering email in the early ’00s, but you can bet if we could see her now, she’d be rivaling Eva Chen for daily shoe-stagrams. And Sarah Jessica Parker was kind enough to give us a glimpse at what that might look like, spending a Saturday afternoon on the stoops of her own brownstone in an attempt to get the perfect shot of her silver, sparkly Mary Janes.


There really is no place like home (just ask Dorothy Gale, who initially had silver shoes not unlike SJP’s before they were changed to ruby slippers to demonstrate the magic of Technicolor) — and the Divorce star proves it by using hers as the setting for her Saturday “shoe-fie.” But as anyone who’s ever tried to take an Instagram of their feet in direct sunlight knows, it’s not as easy as street style stars make it look, no matter how beautiful your backdrop. There are shadows. There’s a glare. And if you don’t have the right props, the whole thing falls apart.

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Parker tried several iterations of the shot — with and without the hat, with the phone close to the tableau, then further away — and critically squinted at one shot after another before landing on the perfect one, which (thanks to the magic of the internet) you can see below.

Do you look at this and say “It Me?”

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