And her 7-year-old daughter Tabitha has the same color, too

By Sharon Kanter
Updated September 02, 2016 10:00 AM
Joseph Marzullo/WENN

Sarah Jessica Parker admits her hair color is trendy by accident.

While the actress, 51, is known for her cool dark-to-light ombré hue — a look that’s wanted by many — Parker says she actually chose the color less for its hot-right-now factor more because of her sentimental feelings about hair color in general.

“I have a nostalgic connection to my hair color,” she tells PeopleStyle during an interview about her new fragrance, Stash. “It’s very similar to my hair as a girl, and what it looked like at the end of the summer.”

The Sex and the City star says she went on a mission to find the exact hue it looked like “after swimming outside or being outside and playing Kick the Can all summer.”

“I just recalled that image and talked a lot about what I thought it could be,” she says. “Then I found somebody who was so good at it to do it.”

Now, she says her childhood hue is being passed down in the family.

“It’s funny because one of my [7-year-old twin] daughters [with husband Matthew Broderick], Tabitha, has that color identically,” she notes (seen below). “Even yesterday she was holding her hair up to mine, and we couldn’t see where hers ended and mine began. I was like, ‘But yours is free.’”

Parker also says there are “periods where I’m bored” with her hair. Her response? Bring on the fake strands!

“As an actor I’d like to say that hair is a huge part of creating a character so I don’t live with my own hair every day,” she says, noting many of her looks in movies are wigs. “I think it has allowed me to not get into the dullness so much with my own hair because very rarely is my hair my own.”

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Therefore, when she’s off-duty, she likes to give her hair a break.

“I am always interested in changing and trying new things,” she says. “But in my time off when I am not required to be shined up and look presentable it’s sort of a relief to just have my boring old hair.”

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