Sarah Jessica Parker Launches Children's Line with Gap: 'I Hope the Pieces Are Passed Down'

Sarah Jessica Parker is extending her fashion empire to include a limited-edition clothing line with Gap!

The multi-hyphenate star teamed with the retailer on the Gap x Sarah Jessica Parker collection, which includes a variety of children’s apparel and accessories, plus two women’s dress styles landing in stores and online March 1.

Parker, 52, told PEOPLE she not only took inspiration from her three children, 8-year-old twins Tabitha and Loretta and son James Wilkie, 15, but she also recalled her own childhood wardrobe when designing the line, which includes prints like gingham, stripes, florals and eyelet.

Courtesy Gap

“I’m a mother, and I have to get three kids out the door everyday,” she shared. “I’m one of eight kids so I know how my mother managed. I grew up in a house where we all wore hand-me-downs and those bins of clothes still exist. My daughters wore the dresses I wore — those clothes have been passed along to friends and our babysitter’s children when they gave birth.”

Courtesy Gap

One standout item from the collab (pieces range in price from $16.95 up to $78) includes a light blue bomber jacket with “Rabbit, Rabbit” stitched on the back, a saying that Parker’s family members would tell one another every month as a “sign of good luck.” Another signature detail? Each piece has ‘property of:’ sewn-in tags to note the wearer throughout the years, one of Parker’s own family rituals.

Courtesy Gap

“It’s a very tight, specific collection but it’s very much based on clothes I wore growing up, and I was so happy to discover that when we offered our boards to the [Gap] team when we first met they were so enthusiastic,” Parker shared. “It tapped into their past as well, and they hadn’t really examined in a very specific way. It was just very fortunate that we were all in line and excited about the same thing.”

For the Divorce star, the collaboration with Gap is an organic one, as she’s shopped at the store for decades (her first purchase was the iconic Gap white T-shirt) and starred in campaigns for the brand in the early aughts.

“Creating this collection with Gap has been such a treat as a mother, as one of eight children, and as a reconnection with the brand,” she shared. “I hope the pieces are cherished by the children who wear them, that items are passed down among generations, and that some great memories are created while wearing them.”

When crafting the line, Parker even enlisted from help from her children, showing them her vision boards and asking for their feedback.

“We talked about it and they were very enthusiastic, which was very encouraging,” she shared. “I have three very different children and they all have different needs and likes and dislikes. I wanted to hear their opinions, but I can’t design only for them. You’re designing for millions and millions of children but I wanted very much to hear their thoughts and it was helpful and it was also especially encouraging.”

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