The actress fires back at accusations that she didn't follow this year's Manus x Machina theme

By Colleen Kratofil
Updated May 04, 2016 05:18 PM

The Met Gala red carpet is known for its polarizing outfits and fun (albeit sometimes wacky) interpretations of the theme. But one attendee who is always game to have a little fun? Sarah Jessica Parker. (One can never forget her feathered Philip Treacy mohawk at 2013’s “punk” gala.) So when one Instagram user accused her of not abiding by this year’s Manus x Machina theme in her Hamilton-inspired suit, the actress fired back.

Larry Busacca/Getty

Fashion blogger Ivy Marshall rounded up her Met Gala best and worst dressed picks on Tuesday, ranking Parker, Diane von Furstenberg and Madonna among those who missed the mark. She captioned the post, “The 2016 Met Gala Theme was “Manus X Machina; Fashion in the age of technology” and this trio didn’t get the memo.”

And surprisingly, Parker was the second to comment to defend her white vintage-inspired Monse ensemble, explaining she “got the memo.”

“Always welcome thoughts but I’m a stickler for the theme and pay close attention to what it means. Every year with great consideration, research and conviction,” she explained. “The understanding of man and machine, how they intersect, when and why is what we considered. Perhaps you weren’t aware of the technology used in the details and embellishments of the design. Or perhaps you simple didn’t like that I wore which is completely fine but you can’t accuse me of not paying close attention and adhering to the theme. With respect and warmest regards, sj.”

The blogger responded Wednesday with another Instagram post writing, “2016 might not have been her [Parker’s] best look and yes i still think she was out of place!!!” And followed it up with a blog post ranking Parker’s top five past Met Gala looks.

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In the post she still defends her first interpretation on Parker’s outfit and writes, “SJP along side so many of her fans didn’t find my thoughts funny but, it is 2016 and we are all entitled to our candid opinions. Nobody had to put out a detailed explanation of their outfit choice for public understanding, so she doesn’t get a pass. Still, i love and adore her.” (Parker had written an explanation of the thought behind her outfit in the New York Times.)

Parker told reporters on the carpet during the night of the Gala that this year’s theme made her think about its interpretation even more than other Galas in the past. “You have to really ponder how you’re going to illustrate that in some way without having something that lights up or is LED. Technology becomes more about what we use outside that is a part of getting through the day. So for me I like arriving at this [outfit].”

Thoughts on Parker’s defense of her look? Did you love her Hamilton-inspired outfit? Share in the comments below.

— Colleen Kratofil