March 10, 2016 05:33 PM

What are stars supposed to do in the weeks between the Oscars and festival season? Change up their hair, of course?

Jamie McCarthy/Getty; Source: Sarah Hyland/Instagr

First and most majorly: Sarah Hyland, a former ombré blonde who went nearly black thanks to hairstylist Nikki Lee, of Nine One Zero salon in L.A., who made the actress over in preparation for her new Dirty Dancing role.

For Hyland’s moody makeover, the hairstylist chose a deep, almost black dye she describes as “truffle,” and cut more layers into the star’s hair, giving Hyland a textured bob with much more movement.

“We created a beautiful dark truffle color for Sarah,” Lee told
Teen Vogue
. “We wanted her hair to look almost black when she’s inside, but once she steps outside, to have a rich warmth to it.”

The initial reveal had us wondering if the super-dark hue was was the trick of a filter, but her Twitter post Wednesday afternoon cleared things up. Wondering if she’s missing the highlights? Wonder no longer:

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And during our social media scroll this morning, we came across an Instagram photo of Meghan Trainor on Amazon’s new live stream show,
Style Code Live
that made us do a double take. When did the singer’s hair get so dark, so fast? Just a couple of weeks ago, she was sporting an ombré auburn shade and now it seems she’s ditched the highlights and has entered full-on redhead territory.

The bold, red shade appears to be a rich, amped version of her original red, with even more gloss this time around. And it turns out this one was no filter trick either: Trainor has committed to that redhead life (though it happened almost by accident).

“We [originally] did it more brownish and auburn and I took a selfie and it kind of blew up online. Everyone talked about it,” she said on Style Code Live. “And I noticed my filter made it more red than it was. And I was like, ‘Crap, y’all, we got to get this going! We got to make this red!’ I was like, Let’s just do it. And we saw how awesome [it looked], and we’re like, Why were you ever blonde? Let’s go red!”

Any regrets about kissing the blonde goodbye? Doesn’t sound like it: “I feel more intense, more confident, more sassy,” she said.

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And lastly, Alessandra Ambrosio is getting wiggy on set of her latest L’Oréal Professionnel commercial! The supermodel shared an Instagram photo in which she was wearing a sleek, straight and slightly red faux head of hair, which she also claims to be loving, but we’re less sold on this one — at the moment, we’re pretty partial her choppy lob!

What do you think of Sarah’s dark new hue? Share below!

–Sarah Kinonen

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