Sarah Hyland on Her Short Hair: I'll Keep It Short If That's What Modern Family Wants

The Modern Family actress shares how her beauty routine changes in the summer, if she plans on keeping her brand-new bob around and more!

Summertime is all about the easy livin’, beach getaways and months of music festivals. But no matter what plans you may have in store for the hottest time of the year, there’s one thing that should remain a constant: sunscreen (and lots of it!). Which is why we sat down with Sarah Hyland, who’s the new face of Hawaiian Tropic Island Sport, to chat about her SPF routine — and how she’s keeping cool with her cute new cut.

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Hyland, 24, knows from living in L.A. that sunscreen is an absolute must, particularly the formula she’s repping. “It’s waterproof, so you can be outdoors and go on a bike ride and sweat,” she told PEOPLE. “I just go in my backyard in the Valley and all I have to do is sit there and sweat, and [the sunscreen] still stays on and protects your skin — it doesn’t fade away.”

She also dials down the beauty routine when the temperature heats up. “I wear a lot less makeup and a lot more sunscreen,” she said, adding that she loves the brand’s Ultra Radiance lotion (because “it makes your skin all sparkly”). “I usually only wear mascara, and that’s it. Maybe some concealer, but mostly sunscreen and mascara.”

And we’re sure the short new do helps to keep the star cool in the warmer months, too. (She recently chopped her hair into a chic chin-length bob.) But does she plan on keeping the bob around all summer?

“It depends on what Modern Family wants — if they want to keep it short, it’s short. If they want extensions, I’ve got to get extensions,” she told PEOPLE. “But for right now, I’m really enjoying it because I’m able to just put my hair down and I’m cool.”

Speaking of Modern Family, Hyland said she sometimes wishes she could raid her character’s closet — especially because most of the wardrobe is tailor-made to her petite (she’s!) frame.

“[Haley] has a lot of nice Rag & Bone jeans that are really amazing, and they’re all fitted to me — like, tailored, because I’m so short,” she said. “So I would love to take Haley’s jeans because they fit me perfectly [and] my jeans don’t.”

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How does your beauty routine change in the summer? Do you wear more sunscreen? If so, what’s your go-to brand? Share below!

–Sarah Kinonen

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