May 09, 2011 08:00 PM

John Sciulli/Getty

Sara Rue has her wedding gown all set: she’ll be wearing a café-colored Amsale dress when she walks down the aisle in a few short weeks. But her bridesmaid dresses were a bigger challenge — until just recently. “I’ve found some gorgeous bridesmaids dresses at some vintage shops,” Rue told PEOPLE at a City of Hope event in L.A. on Saturday. “They are the same color but they are different dresses. I searched all over Los Angeles for them.” As for the color of these “gorgeous” vintage dresses, “you’ll have to wait and see!” Rue is continuing to ramp up for her wedding by working herself — and her fiancé, teacher Kevin Price — to the bone. “It’s blood, sweat and tears sitting in the backyard,” said Rue of her time spent constructing beer-pong paddles that will be used at the reception to commemorate the game the couple played when they first met. “I thought last week that my fiancé was possibly going to leave me because I was being so O.C.D. about the color of these paddles.” Thankfully, he hasn’t — and understands her detailed planning process. “I’m so nervous about everything coming together just right but I’m trying to let go of this idea that everything is going to be perfect because I know it won’t be,” she said. “I’m looking forward to the reception where I can just relax and dance and be with my friends and family.” One other thing the Shedding For The Wedding host is going to be relaxed about on her wedding day? Her diet. The Jenny Craig spokeswoman recently lost 50 lbs. but is ready to enjoy herself after exchanging vows. “My [wedding day] plan is to go on a run on the beach in the morning,” she explained. “That way I won’t feel guilty about eating a million pieces of wedding cake … which is my plan for later in the day.” —Patrick Gomez


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