Sara and Erin Foster partnered with luxury skincare brand La Mer for a witty ad campaign — see the video!

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Erin and Sara Foster
Credit: La Mer

Sara and Erin Foster are known for their quick-witted sense of humor, but the actresses and Bumble entrepreneurs get serious when it comes to skincare.

So this holiday season, Sara, 38, and Erin, 37, teamed up with luxury brand La Mer to talk all things skin care (and celebrate newly-launched gift sets!) by starring in a campaign video titled, “I Want the Good Stuff.”

During the one-minute clip — in which Erin asks to borrow one of Sara’s moisturizers but Sara declines — their sisterly banter is at an all-time high.

“Erin, there’s nothing I can give you!” Sara, 38, insists before opening a cabinet stocked full of La Mer creams, serums, oils and balms, to which Erin, 37, reacts with a look of shock and amazement (the only appropriate response to seeing so many luxe beauty products in one place).

Erin and Sara Foster
Credit: La Mer

“Are you kidding me right now? This is like a La Mer store,” she quips.

“There’s Miracle Broth in here,” Sara explains, as she reluctantly shares a dollop of moisturizer with her younger sister. “This right here? This is the fountain to my youth.”

As skin care junkies know, the treasured formula Sara is referring to is La Mer’s signature cell-renewing elixir, a combination of sea kelp and other pure ingredients perfected after 6,000 experiments over the course of 12 years.

“La Mer is so elevated but they are so willing to let us create the narrative and come up with ideas that are totally on brand for us,” Erin says of the light-hearted commercial. “La Mer is so great to work with and we obviously stand by the product so it’s such a win.”

Erin and Sara Foster
Credit: La Mer
Erin and Sara Foster
Credit: La Mer

Being part of the “La Mer family” the Foster sisters tell PEOPLE they’re lucky enough to try a wide range of products from the brand.

Sara especially loves the brand’s personalized gift sets for the upcoming holiday season.

“There’s nothing like an engraving that just makes you feel a little more special. Like I could get a pencil sent to me and if it is engraved I’m like that person really cares,” she jokes. “So imagine getting a La Mer moisturizer engraved. If you’re a guy and you’re looking to win over someone, or if you’re a girl and looking to win over someone, great idea for a gift.”

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As for her all-time favorite, Sara (who’s biggest skin concern is lifting and tightening) says the legendary La Mer Moisturizing Cream takes the cake.

“That’s their gold standard product,” she says. “You push that into your skin and you legit watch fine lines and creases disappear.”

In addition, Sara suggests investing in a rich eye cream — her go-to is The Eye Concentrate by La Mer — because the skin under the eye is extra sensitive and thin, making it one of the most telling signs of aging.

“The La Mer eye cream is expensive but it lasts for a long time,” she tells PEOPLE. “Girls, you’re willing to go pay hundreds of dollars for a pair of shoes? You need to spend it on your eye cream!”

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Erin is also focused on reducing fine lines and wrinkles, but says neither she nor her sister wants to look younger than they are.

“There are a lot of girls in LA who are so focused on not looking anywhere near their age and they f— with their face so much until they just look weird,” Erin explains. “I want to look like our mom, who is a very classy natural, holistic, health conscious person.”

“We’re not trying to look like we’re 14 years old,” Erin says. Sara adds, “We’re not trying to walk around with foreheads that don’t move.”

And while they don’t judge those who choose to get work done, both sisters try to follow their mom’s motto: “I don’t need to look younger than I am. I just want to look good for my age.”