Sam Heughan Dyes His Hair Red Every Three Weeks for 'Outlander' : 'It's Hard Being a Ginger'

We caught up with the actor while he was launching his Barbour signature clothing collection in New York City

Sam Heughan's Signature Collection Launch

Yes, he's a hot Scot with a crazy popular show, piercing blue eyes and the manners of a prince, but you may not know that Sam Heughan's repertoire extends far beyond acting and Hollywood heartthrob. In fact, he just added designer to his resume. The 37-year-old star, who plays Jamie Fraser on Starz' mega-hit Outlander, serves as the global brand ambassador for Barbour. And this fall he made his mark on the label, designing a signature men's and women's capsule collection for the brand.

On Thursday, Heughan did a meet-and-greet with fans at Macy's Herald Square in New York City to debut his signature line, and PEOPLE was lucky enough to catch up with him.

Below is everything you need to know about his Barbour product drop and of course some Fraser facts.

Barbour Has Always Been a Brand Close to Heughan's Heart

"I was born and brought up in Scotland in the South West around the corner from where John Barbour was born and raised. When I met Barbour a couple of years ago, we really struck up this great friendship and collaboration and we decided to do this capsule collection. We discussed everything I look for in clothing. The things I like and don't like and they went back and we had quite a few meetings. I went down to their factory in South Shields and saw the process and how it's made and actually their archive as well, which is incredible. They have an archive of all their clothing dating back to the 1800s and that was amazing to see how they've maintained this heritage and this line. From Scottish manufacturing to the fabrics to the knitwear to the tweed and the herringbone, which I really wanted to be part of the line, to the tartan…it's really rewarding to see it all together." (Shop his go-to jacket here!)

Sam Heughan's Signature Collection Launch

He Has a Few Favorite Pieces from the New Women's Capsule

"I'm so happy with it. Initially, we were just going to keep it a male collection, but I was really adamant that it would be nice to see both. The women's wax jacket is beautiful, it's fitted. It's elegant. The quilted jacket is perfect for everywhere, and it looks cool. The oversized shawl I love as well. It's a great gift."

His Ideal Date Will Make You MELT

"It would be an outdoor date I imagine. Possibly kayaking and then climbing up a mountain before the sun goes down. Then waking up to the sunrise at the top of the mountain with a bottle of whiskey. That's a certain type of person who wants to do that, isn't it?"

He Cherishes His Dad's Kilt

"That's the most sentimental thing in my closet. I've worn it, though he had a smaller waist than me. I've only worn it in private."

He Hasn't Swiped Anything from Jamie's Wardrobe … Yet

"They keep it tight. To be honest, there is nothing in there I want. It's all covered in mud and blood. None of it I would really want to take home. However, the weapons I would love. And they wouldn't give me my sword, so I eventually bought my own. I've had an armour smith come make me my own particular sword — it's stupid, but I love it."

Kent Miller for Macy’s Inc; Sony Pictures Television Inc.

His Fraser Mane Maintenance Is Intense

"I'm a natural blonde. It gets dyed. It's pretty horrific. I have to get it dyed a crazy amount — it's like every three weeks. It's not easy. It's hard being a ginger. But I think everybody has a little bit of ginger in them. I've got some in my beard."

His Short Haircut Is for a Role

"We've been doing Outlander for four years, and it's definitely taken over my life a little bit. I just did this movie, which is completely different, hence the fact that I got a haircut. It's so fun to play someone different and be someone different. It was a nice break from Outlander, but I'm most excited to go back. I was just there in Scotland a couple of days ago and we had the costume fitting for season four. It's like a family and an old friend, so it's kind of home at the moment."

He's Just as Excited for the Upcoming Outlander Printshop Scene As We Are

"I love this season. It's very strong for my character, and I love every episode. They're very different. You see Jamie go through a multiple of personalities trying to come to terms with losing the person he loves and his unborn child. Eventually, he rebuilds himself and finds another purpose to live and then she returns. Cat [Caitriona Balfe] and I hadn't worked together for quite a while. So it was definitely a different dynamic on set, and it was lovely to have her back and to be working together again. I think in the reunion, people will see a lot of similarities from season one. There is almost a callback to that but there's also this twenty years apart, so there's an awkwardness and maybe a bit of humor there too."

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