The actress opens up on dressing to impress her husband François-Henri Pinault

Courtesy InStyle

Get ready to have your minds blown, StyleWatchers. Salma Hayek is… 47! Now, once you pick your jaws off the floor, check out how amazing the actress looks on the July cover of
magazine, where she opens up about dressing to impress her French husband, François-Henri Pinault.

“I actually wear a lot of leather on the red carpet,” the actress (who’s wearing a scarlet St. Laurent dress on the cover) shares. “My husband loves when I wear it.” (We bet François really loved when his wife stepped out in this Bottega Venetta leather dress last week!)

Hayek also reveals that even though she’s in her forties, there are certain styles she won’t give up.

“When I turned 40, I started thinking, ‘This is the last year,’ whenever I’d wear a strapless dress,” she says. “I always thought you can’t wear them after a certain age, but I’m still getting away with it.”

And despite all the haute couture looks she’s stepped out in over the years, the hot Hollywood mom isn’t looking for validation from the fashion community, just her husband.

“I’m not really a fashionista,” she shares. “I have an eye. I can pull it together, but a lot of the effort I make is for my husband, because I want him to be attracted to me.”

For more from Hayek, check out and the July issue, on stands June 14, and tell us: What do you think of her fashion outlook?

–Brittany Talarico