Stylist Sally Lyndley gives a behind the scenes look at the process that goes into selecting all of those barely-there looks

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated December 22, 2016 01:03 PM

By now, you’ve been with us every step of the way as we chronicled Love magazine’s daily exploits throughout the month of December. You already know that each year, the publication packs the holiday season to the brim with one sexy, underwear-centric video after the next (in case you missed this morning’s, here it is), but what you may not have realized is all of those pieces of lingerie have been carefully selected to tell a very specific story.

And one of the women responsible for curating those scandalous ensembles is stylist Sally Lyndley, who this year alone styled Irina Shayk, Stella Maxwell, Barbara Palvin, Hailey Baldwin and Gigi Hadid, with even more major models’ videos slated to be revealed before 2016 is through. Between dressing the best bodies in the business, Lyndley also managed to find a moment to answer a few of our burning questions about just what goes into making all of those holiday-themed fantasies come true.

Do you play a part in deciding the themes for each video?
I do play a part in picking the themes for the videos I style. Katie Grand [the Editor-in-Chief] from Love, [photographer] Phil Poynter and I all came up with the concepts together for the movie-based videos. The only real common thread with the videos is sexiness: People who we think are sexy doing sexy things! And the videos always have to be fun. … I also worked with [photographer] Dan Jackson on some videos this year and those are different from Phil’s. It’s lovely to work with different directors because each has their own aesthetic I style into for the models. Keeps me on my toes!

What’s the most challenging part of styling these videos and what’s your favorite part?
I have been doing these videos since the conception of the Love advent so I think the most challenging part is styling the models in a way that’s new and fresh and fun every time, so the videos don’t feel redundant. I love collaborating with Katie Grand, whichever photographer or director, and the subject to come up with something sexy that fits each girl’s personality! It’s a dream to be able to work with these awesome creative teams to shoot the sexiest girls in the world!

Do you come in with a preconceived idea of what lingerie the girls will be wearing or is it more of a conversation between you and the model?
Based on what I have discussed with Katie and the director I usually have a preconceived notion of which look I want to put on the model. Of course, we always want to take care of our sponsors for the advent videos. This year the brands are DSquared2, Coach, Agent Provocateur and Marc Jacobs Beauty. All brands I love! So it’s super awesome to style them in a sexy way on the models. When the models arrive to set, I will chat with them about what I have in mind to dress them in and make sure they are comfortable. Usually they are stoked to do a project like this where they can be creative with their sexuality and be fun with the clothes and lingerie too. That’s not always the case on fashion jobs, so Love Advent videos give the whole team, hair, makeup, models and me a chance to really play!

Love recreated a lot of iconic movie scenes this year. Can you talk about how the process of styling those videos was different from their usual videos? Was it easier basing it off of a character or did you feel more pressure to recreate those looks perfectly?
Phil and I were thinking about doing something non-Christmas-y this year and he came up with the movie scene concept, which i thought was brilliant!! Sexiness is based on more than just lingerie. We went back and forth with Katie at Love about what the perfect sexy scenes would be from our favorite movies, and which girl would do each character well. I styled to recreate the looks within the sponsors clothing collections and to adjust them slightly to fit the girl even more. And of course, to my fantasy version of how I would have wardrobed the movie scene! I love to tweak and get creative when I am recreating an iconic pop culture moment. And for Love Advent, the sexier the better!

Do you have any lingerie dressing tips or tricks for ladies who want to look as good as the Love girls in their underwear?
Well, most of the girls are coming off of Fashion Week and Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show season, so their bodies are already out of control when we shoot the videos. These models work hard for those sexy bodies — kickboxing, major gym time, and eating super clean and healthy. All that being said, I think the Agent Provocateur lingerie line is by far the sexiest for every body type. The bras have the perfect push-up effect (without the silly padding) and the garter belts are so sexy even without the stockings attached. I think garter belts look so sensual and awesome on every body type because the garters create that hourglass shape no matter if you are tomboy thin or already curvy.

If you are feeling a little shy, throw a sheer short robe with fringe over the bra, panty and garter set. It adds major glamour! And if you are worried about cellulite, try a corset and thigh high stay-up stockings with your knickers; the shape from corsets creates that wonderful Marilyn Monroe body with great lift for breasts. And always a high heel or boot! A lace-up stiletto boot or pump is a must-have for looking sexy in your knickers.

How do you hope to see the style in the videos evolve next year?
This year was really fun to move beyond a Christmas theme and just jiggling in lingerie. As Love magazine continues to choose interesting and unexpected video directors to come up with new concepts, I am so stoked to see where it goes next year. Love and the creative teams will push the ideas of sexiness forward – we are in a diverse world with gender fluidity now! It’s fun to play with stereotypes, but even more fun to break them. Love advent is always great because the model is in on the joke and the fun. The models in Love Advent videos always own their sexiness and Love Advent captures them perfectly!

Which Love magazine video is your favorite? Will you be using any of Sally’s lingerie tips? Sound off below!