Ryan Seacrest's Exclusive American Idol Video Diary: Week Two Is All About the Tie!

The TV show host shares week two of his Idol diary!

Michael Becker/FOX/Getty

It’s no secret that
American Idol
style conversations are dominated by Jennifer Lopez‘s bold and beautiful wardrobe choices. But that doesn’t mean Ryan Seacrest doesn’t have some styling tricks up his (very sharp, designed by Ryan Seacrest Distinction) sleeve.

The TV show host/producer is adding another gig to his never-ending résumé: PEOPLE.com fashion video blogger! Check out episode two, in which the host/producer gets a little help from a friend with his tie (it’s knotted in a half-Windsor, if you were wondering!) and then asks the rest of the AI crew to weigh in on the knotted look. See everyone’s hilarious reactions (yes, David Hasselhoff included) and be sure to come back each week to see what stylish surprises Seacrest has in store!

What do you think of his Week Two outfit? What did you think of his tie? Do you know how to tie a tie, or do you prefer the help of others like Seacrest? Weigh in now!

–Sarah Kinonen

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