Ryan Seacrest's Exclusive American Idol Video Diary: Week Four Is a Lesson on Tie Bar Placement

The TV host and producer gives PEOPLE an exclusive glimpse into his American Idol style each week

American Idol
style is all about head-turning stage looks — and we’re not just referring to Jennifer Lopez‘s recent wardrobe choices. Ryan Seacrest has proven he can wear a suit like it’s his job (which it kind of is).

Ryan Seacrest Idol

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The TV show host and producer, 40, who also has his own menswear line (Ryan Seacrest Distinction), is giving PEOPLE.com an exclusive glimpse into his Idol wardrobe each week as our fashion video blogger!

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This week, Seacrest pairs his black-and-white look (featuring a gingham shirt and polka-dot pocket square) with his must-have accessory: a tie bar. And Seacrest explains it’s all about placement when it comes to wearing one. “So when I put the tie bar on, I make sure it doesn’t cross the tie beyond the edge of the tie. That’s where I think that it looks best,” he says in the video.

“And then where do you put it? That’s another thing. Too high? Too low? In the middle? I like it between the second and third button. I feel like that’s kind of the right spot for it. You just have to make sure you check it every once in a while because it can get crooked.”

What do you think of Ryan’s latest Idol ensemble? Do you love the tie bar? Sound off below!

Ryan Seacrest’s American Idol Week Four Video Diary

–Sarah Kinonen

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