Host and producer Ryan Seacrest explains why he's partnering with Dr. Harold Lancer to launch a new skin care line named Polished
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Look at the skin on this man! It’s luminous. It’s porcelain-like. It’s glowing. And, now boys, Ryan Seacrest is bringing his skin secrets to you.

The eternally youthful-looking host and producer is expanding his footprint in the fashion and beauty space—he already has a menswear collection named Ryan Seacrest Distinction, of course—by teaming up with celebrated Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer to release a line of men’s skin care and grooming products under the label Polished by Dr. Lancer.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Lancer’s for more than a decade,” Seacrest, 42, tells PeopleStyle. “His unparalleled understanding of dermatology and compassionate care for his patients is what sets him apart. Dr. Lancer has also educated me about the overall health benefits of taking care of your skin.”

Courtesy Polished
Credit: Courtesy Polished

Lancer himself already has a successful line of products (stocked at Sephora, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom and beyond), and is most well-known for his Lancer Method, a three-step skin care process that helps polish, cleanse and nourish the skin. “I have used his line of Lancer skincare products for a long time,” adds Seacrest. “I attribute his Lancer Method for helping me stay young, along with a healthy diet and exercise.”

However, with the upcoming Polished line, the products are adapted specifically to target skin issues that men face. “There’s no question that men like to look good,” says Seacrest.

Dr. Lancer adds that men care now more than ever about their skincare regimens. “Ten to 15 years ago, only 1% of my cosmetic work was on male patients,” he says. “Today, that percentage has grown to 15%. With the impact of social media, better personal care education and the desire to look better, younger and more attractive for longer, I see a shift in men’s mindsets.”

Therefore, the new offering is a natural extension of the main line, just targeted to address men’s concerns. “Speaking very generally, men don’t want or like a shiny glow,” Dr. Lancer tells PeopleStyle. “They prefer a matte and subdued finish.”

Like Dr. Lancer’s signature Method line, the items are named based on what they will do for your skin, such as Soothe, Restore, Defend, Clarify and Mattify. Innovative ingredients are also incorporated, like cotton seed peptides to “support the skin’s natural reparative process” and the sugary xylitol, which “enhances razor glide.”

Of course, Seacrest isn’t the only man with grooming on the brain: The Bachelor’s Nick Viall, Smokey Robinson, Rob Lowe, and Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Karlos Dansby all have their own men’s skin care and body care lines.

Seacrest’s Polished line with Dr. Harold Lancer will be released this year.