Ryan Seacrest Is Launching a Men's Skincare Line (How Did He Find the Free Time?)

The man with the most jobs is adding yet another gig to his laundry list of accomplishments

Ryan Seacrest, a.k.a the man with the most jobs in Hollywood (refresher: He’s the producer of American Idol and Keeping Up with the Kardashians, hosts a daily radio show, hosts American Idol and collaborates with Macy’s on his own menswear line, Ryan Seacrest Distinction), is adding another gig to his laundry list of a résumé. He’s teaming up with celebrity skin expert Dr. Harold Lancer to launch a men’s grooming line in 2016.

Ryan Seacrest men's skincare line


Seacrest is partnering with Lancer, his long-time dermatologist, to create a range of skincare products designed specifically for men, and apparently, the collaboration between the two has been a long time coming.

“Ryan has been a patient and friend for a long time,” Lancer told Allure. “He’s always been interested in skincare, and while we’ve talked about this partnership for a while, now is the right time.”

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While details on the exact product range are limited, there is a great need for prestige men’s skincare on the market, according to Lancer.

“Men are increasingly more motivated by the same things that motivate women, especially when it comes it comes to their physical appearance,” Lancer said. “Men exploring skincare options for the first time often default to convenience and ease and don’t understand why they don’t see the results they desire.”

And Seacrest’s upcoming line will be far from intimidating and extremely user-friendly: “What makes this men’s line different is that in addition to making it easy to use, it’s developed for the specific structure and composition of men’s skin,” Lancer said.

The multi-hyphenate star will have some competition in the men’s market from actor Rob Lowe. The ageless actor just launched his new skincare line, Profile.

“I’ve sent it out to all my bros and the response has been great,” he told PEOPLE. “Zac Efron is a big fan of the cleanser. It’s very early — I’m sure I’ll be getting more feedback. But it’s pretty much as I hoped. People are digging it.”

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Are you excited for Ryan’s upcoming skincare line? Will you be adding any of the products to your skincare arsenal? Share below!

–Sarah Kinonen

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