Ryan Reynolds Would Be Fine With Two T-Shirts (Great, More Closet Space for Blake Lively!)

The actor fully supports his wife's fashionable side, but he's not participating

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The world is running out of accolades for Ryan Reynolds . He’s People’s Sexiest Man Alive, the Funniest Man on Twitter, the Sweetest Husband on the Planet. We could go on and on but we’ll stop at his latest: Most Charitable Tree Hugger. He teamed up with Eddie Bauer and American Forests for The One Tree initiative and #Hug2Give campaign and PEOPLE caught up with him at the launch to discuss his new project and — of even greater importance — sharing a closet with his wife, the very stylish Blake Lively.

“She does all right. She does all right,” Reynolds joked about Lively’s fashion choices, which we’re only a little obsessed with here (okay, a lot: one editor recently tested out all of Lively’s pregnancy red carpet looks).

Lively’s a rare commodity in the celebrity fashion scene because she continuously tops best dressed lists, all without the help of a professional stylist, which is definitely not the norm in Hollywood. So when they step out together, does Reynolds ever feel like his own style game could use a step up? “It kinda has to. My wife’s got some pretty wicked style. She likes it, you know.”


And he’s super-supportive of her hobby: “I think fashion is a fully legtimiate form of artistic expression, so it’s one of the few ways we as human beings get to express ourselves without a giant canvas sitting in front of us. I like to see it that way, and I like that she’s passionate about it.”

That’s not to say he’s participating (or even splitting the closet 50/50). When asked if he owns anything she’d like to toss, he says he gets to it before she has a chance to. “I’m a real minimalist,” he says. “I think she looks at my closet and knows in her heart that I’d be so happy owning two T-shirts, two pairs of pants, some underwear and socks and that would kind of be it.”

Of course, he includes outdoor wear in that count. “It’s not just functional anymore; it’s also fashionable, so you can get some pretty high-quality stuff that looks good as well,” he says. “I’m a big outdoorsman. My relationship with the outdoors is a long, storied one and something that I value greatly, so it’s something I hope to continue well into my 90s. After that, f–k it!”

And when he says storied he’s not exaggerating. He grew up in British Columbia, Canada and spent a year in an outdoor school where he learned environmental education and found himself in survivalist situations. “I learned a lot about the environment and how fleeting it was in nature. This was 10th grade. I’m 39 now, so that’s 22 years ago or something like that. You can imagine how far we’ve come in our thinking since then. So it was big for me.”

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Eddie Bauer and American Forests certainly tapped the right guy to spearhead their project. “I was lucky; I got to go plant their 50 millionth tree last year, and I named her Gordon, and she’s doing great, by the way — I do get regular updates. So it’s been a match made in heaven; this partnership’s been a lot of fun for me.”

Feeling inspired to get involved too? You can save the environment one selfie at a time. Post a photo of yourself hugging a tree on social media with the hashtag #Hug2Give and Eddie Bauer will donate $50 to American Forests.

— reporting by Jeff Nelson

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