Ryan Reynolds has a new gig!

By Alex Apatoff
Updated February 19, 2014 06:12 PM

Eric Charbonneau/Getty

It’s no surprise that the Lively-Reynoldses are more attractive than your average couple. Just how much more attractive? Well, they’re now officially the first husband/wife duo to be signed as spokespeople for a beauty brand: Ryan Reynolds has signed on as the face of L’Oréal Paris Men Expert just a few months after wife Blake Lively announced her new gig with the line.

One key difference: Reynolds is a global spokesman, meaning that you won’t see his ads in the U.S. But our friends in Europe will be treated to smoldering photos of the star (like the one below) as he represents Hydra Energetic skincare. Said Reynolds in a statement (we can just picture him writing out drafts and having Lively read them for final approval): “I feel honored and excited to join Men Expert, a brand that represents the essence of modernity, edginess and technology. I love the driving force that leads it to constantly provide the best products for men like me who are always doing 1000 things at the same time.”

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Because Reynolds’s ads won’t be seen here, we aren’t holding our breaths for an amazing slow-mo hair competition or moisturizer-off between Reynolds and Lively. But we would kill to see who has the longer grooming routine (and the more well-stocked vanity) in that household.

Ryan Reynolds L'Oreal

Courtesy L’Oreal

What do you think of Reynold’s new gig? How about that for couples bonding?

–Alex Apatoff