"Because you know how everyone wears black clothes?"

By Lindy Segal
Updated October 17, 2016 12:37 PM
Credit: Mike Pont/FilmMagic

Ryan Lochte: Olympic swimmer, noted fiction enthusiast, Dancing With the Stars hoofer … retail magnate? The newly engaged 32-year-old is looking to add another title to his résumé, according to an enlightening new profile in New York Magazine. During a shopping trip at L.A.’s The Grove (Lochte just got his very first credit card. Yes, he’s thirty-two), he revealed his plans to one day open a store called Black by Lochte. Why, you ask? Don’t worry, he’s given this plenty of thought.

“Everything in the store will be black. Because you know how everyone wears black clothes? Different brands, but all black.” Who can argue with that logic? You have to admit the idea is somewhat out-of-the-box for someone who has spent the majority of his days mostly naked. In Florida, of all places! You expected him to pitch a swimsuit store, and he swam a curveball. (Sports terms!!!)

Considering Lochte went on to buy a “questionable” short-sleeve pink sweatshirt at Topshop during his interview, we’re just hoping he has the good sense to to hire some qualified buyers for this future venture. We know an agency:

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