April 16, 2014 10:23 PM

Tall, blonde, gorgeous and athletic: Four words that describe Ryan Lochte and Ireland Baldwin. And now the two have teamed up for one super-blonde and beautiful endeavor: starring in Calvin Klein White Label’s “American Icons” ad campaign for Macy’s. The duo, who posed in everything from swimwear to jeans, hit it off on set — and shared an exclusive behind-the-scenes image (below) as well as answered some of our most pressing questions about the shoot. By the time you’re done reading, you’re going to want an invite to the next one.

Courtesy Calvin Klein
You’re both fairly new to modeling — how was it working together?
Ireland: Ryan is a natural. He is so hilarious and kind. He made the shoot so easy and fun.
Ryan: I had the best time on set. She’s a lot of fun and it didn’t feel like work.

What does it mean to be an “American Icon?”
Ireland: An American Icon is a leader. Someone who carries them self with a certain poise and grace. Someone who represents this country in a positive light.
Ryan: An American Icon, to me, is a global representation of this amazing country we get to call home– someone who went or goes above and beyond and to make our country proud. I think Elvis, Jackie Robinson, Johnny Cash.

How would you describe your own style?
Ireland: My style varies. I am constantly being inspired by colors, different cultures, the places I travel to and especially by this industry.
Ryan: Fun, funky, easy!

Courtesy Calvin Klein

What was the biggest challenge of the shoot?
Ireland: The biggest challenge for me was definitely trying to position my body so the clothes looked perfect. I had to jump a lot and sometimes things just fell out of place.
Ryan: I don’t think any part of the shoot was a real challenge because everyone on set made it so easy. The atmosphere was so chill, people were so laid back and just about having a good time, which relaxed me and put me at my best.

Who got to pick the music on set? Any DJ disagreements?
Ryan: I wish I could’ve! No, I think people were just plugging in their playlists, but I did request some hip-hop.

How long until Ryan got shirtless? Did he give Ireland any tips on posing in a swimsuit? Ireland, what’s it like seeing The Abs up close?
Ireland: Ryan got shirtless right away — as he should! He didn’t really give me any tips because I was squeezing my abs trying to get like him.
Ryan: No, she doesn’t need any tips from me!

Courtesy Calvin Klein

Anything you modeled you wanted to (or actually did) take home from set?
Ireland: No! I wanted this one swimsuit but I didn’t take anything from the set.
Ryan: The blue underwear, loved those. But everything in the new White Label line by CK is cool — clean, sharp, comfortable.

Ireland, you recently went back to blonde — do you miss the bright colors? Ryan, would you ever dye your hair blue or purple?
Ireland: I didn’t purposefully go back to blonde. It just faded into this disgusting, temporary ashy color. I miss being purple.
Ryan: Maybe blue?

The behind-the-scenes photos look like you got along great — any chance for an American Icons reunion in the future?
Ireland: I would love that.
Ryan: I hope so!

What do you think of the ads? Should Ryan dye his hair blue? Weigh in below!

–Alex Apatoff

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