Pssst! You Won't Believe How Cheap This Buttery Soft Wireless Sports Bra Is on Amazon

People even compare it to Lululemon yoga bras
By Sanah Faroke
July 15, 2021 09:00 PM
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Raise your hand if you've ever experienced boob sweat. Got it — everyone. So you know the magic that is wearing a sports bra that's moisture-wicking and gloriously comfortable. It's why the supportive bras are great everyday options, especially in warm weather months. To feel your best while working out or going out this summer, consider the Running Girl Strappy Sports Bra that's just $20 on Amazon. 

While regular bras tend to absorb all your sweat and leave you feeling damp, the Running Girl sports bra is made with breathable, sweat-wicking fabric. The wireless bra is also ultra soft and buttery, and multiple shoppers compare it to more expensive yoga bras from Lululemon. And doesn't everyone love a good dupe? 

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Buy It! Running Girl Strappy Sports Bra, $19.99;

Additionally, the soft bra has a four-way stretch design, which means you can move however you want without being held back by elastics or tight seams. Perfect for yoga and lounging? Yes and yes. Shoppers even say it is so comfortable, they "sometimes even forget that [they're] wearing a sports bra." It also has an inner mesh lining that adds a cooling feeling to the bra. The perforated design allows air to come through while you're breaking a sweat. 

While the sports bra is "unbelievably comfortable," it's also super stylish and functional thanks to the cute, strappy design on the back. You'll appreciate its two thick shoulder straps that deliver medium support, however, people with larger bust sizes love it, too. One DD-size shopper even says "this bra is EVERYTHING." Plus, the elastic waistband has a bit of stretch that reviewers confirm does not roll up, and it comes with removable cup inserts. 

Shoppers love the bra for everything from running to yoga to doing errands, making it perfect for everyday wear. And if you need even more convincing, the Amazon best-seller has earned over 3,800 five-star ratings from shoppers who "love, love, love" it. 

"I've always wanted a cute, strappy sports bra, but with 32DDDs, that was hard to come by," writes one Amazon shopper. "This bra covers and is so cute in the back. [It's] easy to put on and take off, and I don't have to worry about my boobs coming out if I'm doing downward dog! Finally a sports bra for me!"

"Having wasted [a] tremendous amount of money in designer sports bras that pinch, leave dark marks, and crush my chest, I think I've met comfort at last," writes another. "The comfort is flawless. Thanks to the awesome fabric and the lovely cotton mesh inside, I feel like a new woman… Also, despite sweating, the bra did not leave me with [that] clammy, sticky feeling."

If you're looking for a sports bra that you can wear all summer long, get the Running Girl Strappy Sports Bra for $20 on Amazon. 

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Buy It! Running Girl Strappy Sports Bra, $18.99;

Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Running Girl Strappy Sports Bra, $18.99;

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