Stan Honda/Getty

Despite reports stemming from a interview where Betsey Johnson claims to be retiring after her September show, the designer tells PEOPLE through her rep that “I will never retire while I’ve still got my legs and my make-up box.” An official comment from the brand states, “With rich history and significant opportunities for future growth, Betsey Johnson wants her brand to live on forever. It is only wise that key management and talent is put in place to secure the continued health of the company for the future. Betsey Johnson will continue to provide creative inspiration and leadership as long as she is with us.” And while pointed to the company’s creative director Eric Santori, who has previously designed for Vera Wang, Herve Leger and Azzedine Alaia, as Betsey’s replacement, we can’t imagine the house without her. From her cartwheels on the runway to her whimsical printed party dresses, where would New York Fashion be without Betsey? We’re glad to hear she’s staying at the party a little bit longer!