"My body does so much for me and works so hard for me. But more often than not the only thing it hears is what is wrong with it," the actress wrote in a candid Instagram post

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Rumer Willis
Credit: Rumer Willis/ Instagram

Rumer Willis is getting candid about a universal struggle: body image.

On Monday, the 31-year-old actress shared a sultry "body appreciation post" on Instagram wearing gray SKIMS boxers and a matching sports bra, alongside a lengthy caption promoting self-love: "I think it’s important to celebrate ourselves," she wrote.

"My body does so much for me and works so hard for me. But more often than not the only thing it hears is what is wrong with it. What is lacking or what there is too much of," Willis — who is the eldest daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis – said, admitting, "I am a fault of this all too often."

The Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood star also recognized that stay-at-home orders and social distancing restrictions amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic are making it even more difficult than usual to commit to healthy habits.

"Being in quarantine and struggling to find a new routine and not using food to find comfort when you are stuck at home all day is hard," Willis wrote. "Finding discipline to workout from home and eat healthy is hard and it’s ok not to be perfect, I’m certainly not."

The actress said it's instead important to focus on self-love no matter the circumstances: "Find ways to be happy where you are at and not make being a perfect size or weight or hair color or body shape some goal that you can only find happiness and acceptance if you reach it."

"I wanted to share this in hopes that maybe it may inspire you to do the same," she concluded.

The positivity continued in the comment section, with thousands of fans and followers thanking Willis for her vulnerability and honesty. And when one Instagram user had doubts, the actress promised even more transparency.

Rumer Willis
Credit: Rumer Willis/ Instagram

"Easy for you to say with your perfect body!!! I know I'm trying to learn self love but come on!!" the person wrote, adding a few flame and heart emojis. Willis replied, "This is just a good angle I will post one later and show you I promise."

Three hours later, she did exactly that — the star posted a five-minute video entitled "Body Talk," during which she got real about her own insecurities and searching for validation on social media.

"I was thinking about it a lot and I just was trying to find a very clear and completely unedited, unfiltered way for you guys to see what I look like," The House Bunny actress explained in the clip. Addressing her SKIMS selfie she added, "Just because I can take a great photo, that doesn’t mean that I still don’t have problems."

"I wanted to just kind of show you guys what I look like,” she said, stepping away from the camera to show her full body. “You know, sometimes my stomach isn’t as flat as I want it to be. Sometimes I feel like my arms look huge in photos. And sometimes I feel like my thighs are massive…But they’re all things that I’m sure I notice much more than anybody else does.”

“My goal was just to be extremely transparent…this is just what my body looks like.”

Willis also said she’s “working really hard” to not only exercise and eat healthy right now, but to also find "acceptance" and self-love — despite what she sees on social media.

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Rumer Willis
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“I’m just as vulnerable to seeing somebody on Instagram and seeing a photo of a girl who I think has a perfect body or a perfect face or perfect hair, and of comparing myself and judging myself and of carrying so much shame because I don’t look like that and I’ll never look like that," she admitted.

And acknowledging her celebrity privilege, Willis added, “I may have a lot of things in my life that are different from yours, but I think this is something that is very equalizing for a lot of people.”

“I just wanted you guys to know that you are not alone and that I feel this way too. Social media is not the place to find value and I say that as someone who’s trying to find that as well," she concluded.

Rumer Willis
Rumer Willis
| Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty

Willis' fans and celebrity friends praised her for sharing such an "important" message in the comment section.

"I love you!!!" Kim Kardashian West wrote. While the SKIMS founder's former assistant Stephanie Shepherd wrote, "Thank you for this!!!! I feel you and I appreciate you posting this. I know it’s not easy to put yourself out there in this way! I see you and I love you! Thank you thank you thank you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️"

Gwyneth Paltrow simply left three heart emojis and celebrity stylist Maeve Reilly said, "I LOVE YOU. YOUR[sic] PERFECT"