Ruby Rose Is the New Face of Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren: Get the First Look at Her Artsy Ad Campaign

We've got the exclusive first look at the actress's stylish new campaign

You may recognize Ruby Rose as the Litchfield Penitentiary inmate who stole your heart in season three of Orange Is the New Black, but now, the actress, DJ and artist is taking on a creative new role with denim company, Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren, as the face of the brand’s spring collection.

Ruby Rose Denim & Supply campaign ad

Courtesy Denim & Supply

In the super-artsy New York-centric ad campaign, shot by photographer Mark Seliger, Rose stars alongside close friend and model Hailey Baldwin and local artist Edward Granger, in the denim brand’s warehouse, to show off the label’s upcoming collection, as well as to “create a cinematic social experience complimented by a global digital campaign,” which will unveil in a four-part series on Denim & Supply’s Instagram page, @DenimandSupplyRL.

“I love the fact that [Denim & Supply] is using Instagram to create these mini films, these little 15-second cinematics, because I definitely get a lot of the information, my inspiration and style inspiration from social media platforms, and on Instagram especially,” Rose tells PeopleStyle. “And I think that people’s attention spans are much shorter these days, and you’re less likely to captivate or hold people’s attention for that long. But the way we’ve done it, I really think people are going to enjoy it. [The videos] are fun and about being yourself — they’re about being authentic and not taking yourself too seriously — and I hope people get that.”

And Rose says she and Baldwin definitely had fun on set — maybe a little too much fun toward the end of the shoot when things got a little (OK, very) messy.

“I had this really awesome denim jacket — it’s this really simple basic denim jacket with a really good fit and I wear it a little bit oversized — and then Denim & Supply was cool enough to go get my name embroidered on the back,” she says. “[During the shoot], I was feeling a little cheeky and it was the last 10 minutes, and I thought, ‘You can’t have two cans of spray paint in hand and not expect me to spray Hailey with it.’ I didn’t want them to tell me, ‘No, you can’t do that, it’s a sample!’ So, like any good idea, you just have to run with it. Don’t ask, just apologize after. (Editor’s note: Sage advice, RR.) So I said to Hailey with these big, sweet eyes, ‘Oh, this is so much fun,’ and then I just started spraying her. And I had green, pink and whatever in my hands and I was spraying her outfit. It was like a food fight but with graffiti. And I turned around and she sprayed the back of my jacket. So now I have this memory of the day, as well as Hailey’s semi-signature slash her trying to attack me on the back of my name. It’s pretty cool, I can probably frame it.”

Along with the graffiti-crafted jacket, Rose says she was drawn to the basic tanks and cut-off shorts she sported during the shoot. “I’ve always been a big fan of cut-off shorts, and they had some really awesome edgy, rocky ones. The ones that I wore to the shoot, especially, were all like that. I kept them all.”

Ruby Rose Denim & Supply campaign ad

Courtesy Denim & Supply

Which is why it’s no surprise Rose was immediately drawn to this Denim & Supply project, as it speaks directly to the her sense of individual style, she says.

“I feel like my style is very much androgynous. It’s rock, chic, like casual wear, but then on the flip side to that, being that it’s so androgynous, it’ll either be skinny jeans and a leather jacket, or if I’m doing a red carpet or event, I’ll completely flip that and be wearing a suit or a dress,” she tells PeopleStyle. “But I have a very eclectic style — for me, it’s about how I feel in that moment and what’s going to make me comfortable and happy and bring out whatever I’m feeling internally and externally. Because fashion essentially is art, and as an artist and someone who is also a musician and an artist in regards to drawing and painting, anything I can do that expresses my feelings is something I’m really drawn to. So [my style] changes a lot, but generally it is on the rocky, androgynous, chic side.”

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Much like her self-described androgynous style, Rose says her extensive tattoo collection has become a major part of her personality. “The funny thing about tattoos is that you get one, or two, or three, or four or 10, and when you first get them they’re all separate and separate enough from each other that they can be counted individually,” she shares. “I think at one point, I had 50 or 60 tattoos, but then they all morphed to become a half sleeve, and then a full sleeve and then I sleeve with half my hand, and then half my back. So I have so many now where I feel like I can get away with saying, ‘I have three tattoos.'”

But even with her “three” tattoos, Rose says it’s hard to nail down a favorite, considering each and every one has a special meaning.

“It’s not like I have one specific one that I like better than any of the others, but they all serve a purpose,” she explains. “My body is a canvas and it’s like I have a journal from [when I was] 16 to now, and I can trace a timeline of my life from where I’ve been — the ups and the downs, the trials and tribulations and all that I’ve overcome to get to where I am today — by looking at this map on my body. And if I didn’t have that, I would forget a lot of things, and I’m glad I don’t and can’t forget.”

Ruby Rose Denim & Supply campaign ad

Courtesy Denim & Supply

No matter what she’s wearing — on screen or on the red carpet — there’s one aspect of Rose’s look that never seems to change: her flawless complexion, which, she says, is the result of a semi-strict diet and incredible genes.

“I don’t smoke cigarettes, I don’t drink alcohol and even just recently I cut out coffee and I eat really organic,” she admits. “But that’s just what works for me. I also believe a lot of [how your skin looks] has to do with genetics. My mom has really great skin, my dad has really good skin. I don’t feel like I have to do a lot of work in regards to that.”

Rose does keep a few go-to products in her skincare arsenal (Nurse Jamie Calming Relief Soothing Cleanser, Kate Somerville EradiKate Mask and Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel, to name a few), which help keep her complexion clear and skin glowing.

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Ruby Rose Denim & Supply campaign ad

Courtesy Denim & Supply

And as for the star’s signature short hairstyle — don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere any time soon, insists Rose.

“I change it as much as I can for someone who has lack of hair,” she says laughing. “But I don’t think I’ll … I can’t see myself in the near future growing it out because I enjoy the freedom of it being short and how low maintenance it is, and I like having it off of my face.”

But, she adds, there’s a possibility you’ll be seeing the star sport much longer locks in one of her upcoming film projects, thanks to a little movie magic. But don’t hold your breath. “The great thing about being in film is I can choose to have long hair. This character would have longer hair, she would have a long blonde wig, so I can explore wigs and other alternatives to having long hair and live it for a day or a week and not have to commit to it,” she explains. “What I live with on my day-to-day is not what I have to live with that often because my day-to-day is usually on film sets, and that’s cool because I get to be creative in that aspect.”

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–Sarah Kinonen

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