Ruby Rose Says Each of Her 109 Tattoos Holds a Special Meaning

Ruby Rose opens up about her collection of tattoos for her Marie Claire Malaysia cover story

Ruby Rose has 109 tattoos (really!), but the star makes sure to put serious thought behind each one.

The actress, 32, says each one of her tats holds a very special meaning and she doesn’t regret any one of them.

“If you count them individually, then that’s an astronomical amount. But because they are joined together, it becomes a sleeve, or it becomes a back piece,” Rose told Marie Claire Malaysia for her August 2018 cover story.

She added, “They all have personal meanings or stories — they are there to create a memory. Some of them are more meaningful than others, but I love them all.”

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When Rose caught up with PeopleStyle in January 2016 to talk about her tattoos, the star said she began losing count of the exact number she actually had inked onto her body.

“The funny thing about tattoos is that you get one, or two, or three, or four or 10, and when you first get them they’re all separate and separate enough from each other that they can be counted individually,” she previously told PeopleStyle.

“I think at one point, I had 50 or 60 tattoos, but then they all morphed to become a half sleeve, and then a full sleeve and then I sleeve with half my hand, and then half my back. So I have so many now where I feel like I can get away with saying, ‘I have three tattoos.’”

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She called her body “a canvas” and she looked at her tattoos as a “timeline of my life from where I’ve been.”

“The ups and the downs, the trials and tribulations and all that I’ve overcome to get to where I am today — by looking at this map on my body. And if I didn’t have that, I would forget a lot of things, and I’m glad I don’t and can’t forget,” Rose told us.

Just like her array of tattoos — Rose even has a massive Pantone color chart on her back! — the actress considers her sense of style to be “eclectic.”

Ruby Rose Looking Cool While Shopping On Melrose Ave.

“I love things that are comfortable. I love things that are unique. I like mixing vintage with high fashion, and high fashion with street style,” she told Marie Claire Malaysia.

“If it looks good and feels good, then I want it. I don’t really follow trends or look into much of what is in trend right now, or what’s going to be hot. I just sort of wish for the best.”

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