Get ready to take extensive notes! The master spills all her travel outfit wisdom


With as many frequent flyer miles as supermodels rack up jetting from photo shoots to runways across the globe, it makes total sense that they have perfected the art of comfy-meets-chic airport style. (You can see the all-time greats, here). But there’s one model in particular who has mastered the skill so well, it’s impossible to find a photo of her in a “bad” travel outfit. So for InStyle‘s February issue, the magazine picked the brain of the best dressed woman at the airport, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and she divulged all her tips!

In the accompanying video to her 10-page magazine spread, Huntington-Whiteley explains how her jet-set style came to be. “I think the first time I realized I had to pull it together was when I first turned up to an airport and there was paparazzi there and in the following days [you] see the pictures online or you see it in the newspaper and you really see what you look like and you’re like ‘ah.'”

So she quickly perfected her go-to travel uniform: a plain T-shirt, stretchy jeans (she’s a brand ambassador for Paige denim), a statement jacket and, yes, heels! “I live in heels, I really do. I love wearing heels, it makes me feel put together. It’s certainly impractical at the airport if you have a lot of walking to do but I’m a sucker for them, I’m just gonna say it.”

If after all this you’re thinking one question — how does she actually sit comfortably in these outfits during a long flight? Well, turns out, she doesn’t! She strips down in the tiny airplane bathroom into a comfy T-shirt, cashmere pants and slippers. “I’m usually falling over and stuck between the walls,” she tells the magazine about changing in the cramped space.

While it may not be practical, cruising around the airport in outfits this stylish, she doesn’t care what others think of her. “People probably think I’m overdressed for the airport,” she says. “But that’s just me — a great outfit is my armor. I feel confident and ready to face the world.”

The February issue of InStyle hits newsstands January 6.

Are you a fan of Huntington-Whiteley’s airport style? What do you like to wear when you travel?