Rose Leslie Gave Husband Kit Harington an 'Awful' Quarantine Haircut: 'It Was Rather Hilarious'

"Fortunately, he looks great with a semi-shaved head," the Game of Thrones actress quipped

Kit Harington Rose Leslie
Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty

Rose Leslie is the latest celeb to admit she gave her partner a bad haircut during quarantine amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

In a new interview with the New York Post, the actress, 33, revealed that her husband and Game of Thrones costar Kit Harington, also 33, entrusted her with a pair of clippers during lockdown — and what was supposed to be a trim quickly went south.

“I was on FaceTime to a friend at the time. He was like, ‘Can you do the back, because I can’t see it with the mirror?’ And I was so engrossed with my girlfriend, we were having such a lovely time, and I was like, ‘Yeah yeah yeah, fine, whatever'," Leslie recalled.

The right-handed actress said she was holding her cell phone in her right hand. "I took the shears in my left hand," she continued." And … I dug too deep. I dug too deep! It was rather hilarious, but also awful. Fortunately, he looks great with a semi-shaved head, so it was fine."

Kit Harington, Rose Leslie
Kit Harington and Rose Leslie. Presley Ann/Getty

While salons were shut down during quarantine, celebrities including Hoda Kotb, Nina Dobrev, Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt and Brad Paisley all took similar risks, giving their significant other trims, haircuts and even root touch-ups!

Last month, Leslie confirmed she was pregnant when she debuted a baby bump in a new issue of the U.K.'s Make Magazine. The Death on the Nile actress gave a brief statement to the New York Post about expecting her first child.

"I am thrilled to be expecting, and I can't wait to meet the new member of our family!" she told the outlet.

Leslie and Harington famously portrayed star-crossed lovers Jon Snow and Ygritte on the Emmy-winning Game of Thrones and first stirred up relationship rumors in 2012.

After a brief split, the couple reconciled and continued to fuel romance speculation until they officially confirmed the relationship in April 2016.

They got engaged in September 2017, confirming the happy news the old-fashioned (and very British) way: through a classified advert in The Times. Less than two years later, they wed in Scotland in June 2018.

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