Robin Wright Admits Aging Is 'a Struggle to Accept Things that Are Hard to Accept' (Also: 'Expensive!')

See the actress's new cover of NewBeauty and find out all about her anti-aging ways

Ruven Afanador for NewBeauty

As evidence from Robin Wright’s Emmys appearance (and ranking on our best dressed list) this past weekend, the 51-year-old star has never looked better. And to hear her tell it, the key to her youthful appearance is … embracing aging. She just landed the new fall/winter cover of NewBeauty, and explains how acceptance and yes, some “Botox sprinkles,” helps her look and feel her best.

When it comes to getting older, Wright says she’s not fighting it. “One of the greatest virtues is acceptance, right,” she tells NewBeauty. “It’s a struggle to do it; it’s an exercise; it’s a muscle you have to train, to accept things that are hard to accept. And also, accept the things you can’t change. And change the things you can.”

Ruven Afanador for NewBeauty

She says she does some anti-aging beauty treatments – including what she calls “Botox sprinkles” (“just the tiniest sprinkle… to take the edge off”) and a treatment called Sublime. “It’s the new nonsurgical treatment that uses heat to generate your own collagen to come closer to the surface,” she explains. “I’ve noticed a change in the quality of my skin for sure. My friend has a funny line: ‘This aging thing? It’s so damn expensive!'”

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Like everyone, she has her own beauty struggles, but tries to work through them with a positive mindset. “I’m not digging the brown spots I’ve got going on at this age,” she admits. “But guess what? You’ve got to welcome them all.”

Even though she has a good mindset about aging, she misses how more women used to embrace the process gracefully. “It’s a very different perspective that society has on age today,” Wright says. “There’s more social consciousness about how to look younger and that you should look younger. And there’s less acceptance of letting one age gracefully like there was 15 or 20 years ago. It saddens me because I loved growing up and seeing my grandmother get older and more beautiful. It was a way of life.”

We have a feeling if anyone can embrace that mindset and look good doing it, it’s Wright.

The fall-winter issue of NewBeauty hits newsstands on September 26.


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