Robin McGraw Addresses Plastic Surgery Rumors, Reveals an Eyebrow Transplant 'Changed' Her Look

"It brought my entire face into proportion," Dr. Phil's longtime love said of her eyebrow transplant procedure on her podcast

Robin McGraw
Robin McGraw. Photo: Getty (2)

Robin McGraw knows first-hand that the eyebrows really do frame the face.

The best-selling author, who's been married to talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw for nearly 30 years, recently revealed on her podcast I've Got a Secret! with Robin McGraw that it was actually an eyebrow transplant that gave her a headline-making new look a few years ago.

"It brought my entire face into proportion," McGraw, 66, told her guests on Wednesday's episode (hair restoration specialist Dr. Marc Dauer and celebrity hairstylist Lee Rittiner). "And In my opinion, it actually changed my look."

Dauer, who performed McGraw's surgery in June 2011, did so by surgically removing a small piece of her scalp and then extracting the hair follicles to graft in on the eyebrows. During the podcast, he explained how the minor procedure — which can now be performed using a non-invasive method called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) — leads to major results.

"Eyebrows are such a defining feature of the face…They're so crucial to framing your face," the Los Angeles-based doctor said. "If they start too far over or if they're just missing in different places, it just changes your whole look."

Before getting the transplant, McGraw admitted she hated her sparse, over-plucked brows so much that she got bangs to cover them.

"Because of you and my eyebrow transplant, I let my bangs grow out and I was so happy," the author told Dauer on the recent podcast episode. "To this day, I have eyebrows that I just love."

robin McGraw
Robin McGraw.

Dauer said he dedicates about half of his practice to the cosmetic procedure, which gives his patients virtually undetectable results: "People come to them and say, 'You look younger' or, 'Did you lose weight?'" he said. "They can't pinpoint it."

robin McGraw
Robin McGraw, Dr. Marc Dauer and Lee Rittiner. Courtesy “I’ve Got A Secret” Podcast

According to Dauer's website, the latest version of his eyebrow transplant procedure (FUE) usually involves placing between 250 to 400 hairs per eyebrow and takes six to eight hours to perform.

"For seven days after the eyebrow transplant surgery there will be tiny scabs which appear like dots of sand on the skin, and then these fall off, leaving the eyebrow looking pretty much like it did before the surgery," the website state. "There is also a slight pinkness in the transplanted skin that persists for four to twelve weeks after the procedure depending on how quickly the patient heals."


Most patients will also experience swelling and bruising around the eyes for three to five days, and should not use an eyebrow pencil for three weeks after the procedure. According to his website, about half of Dauer's patients schedule a second procedure eight to twelve months after the first one for "greater density."

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