The designer calls his new scent, 'more Grammys than Oscars'

By peoplestylewatch
Updated February 09, 2012 11:00 PM

Stephane Cardinale/People Avenue/Corbis

When it came to partnering with Coty to create the ultimate perfume, Roberto Cavalli was primed for the challenge.

“I was waiting a long time to have such a special fragrance,” he told PEOPLE recently. “I spent a lot of time to create something that I really like.”

Sitting low in his chair, and surrounded by lanky employees with thick Italian accents, the storied designer detailed whittling the scent down to three key ingredients. “At the beginning they gave me a lot of small bottles and I didn’t know which one to choose because one was too sweet and the other one was too …” he trailed off. Clearly, creating a fragrance is hard work.

Comprised of a trifecta of harmonious scents — orange flower, roasted Tonka bean and peppercorn for a spicy note — the eponymous scent was created as a tongue-in-cheek homage to the designer’s late mother.

“She adored perfume,” he said, his eyes glassing over with remembrance. “She used to buy the most horrible, cheap perfume. It was strong, strong perfume. I like mine because it is soft, delicate … not too much.”

So when asked which of his A-list fans would best embody his “sexy, feminine, aggressive” scent, Cavalli was quick to choose Jennifer Lopez. “It’s for a woman full of energy,” he mused. “I can see Jennifer singing and dancing with my perfume. I would love that.”

Justine Harman