Apparently, even 'Iron Man' isn't impervious to major red carpet oops

Lee Young-ho/Sipa

Robert Downey, Jr. can rarely do wrong on the red carpet — in our eyes, anyway. He’s one of the few male stars who has fun with his suits, and though we personally wouldn’t pair sneakers with a tux, we do have to give him props for being true to his style.

But while discussing his latest ensemble at the Iron Man premiere (those lapels! Those shoes!) we couldn’t help but notice something else: He left his fly unzipped.

Vivienne Westwood tuxedos can run into the thousands of dollars. So it makes sense to check yourself in at least two mirrors — plus possibly pay someone to give you the full once-over — before you walk out the door. And for someone who’s been doing this as long as Downey, Jr. has, it’s a surprisingly rookie mistake.

But now that we’re calling him out on it, we hope it’s a mistake he won’t make again!

Tell us: What’s your biggest wardrobe disaster?

–Alex Apatoff