Rob Kardashian Pulls Some Merch from New Clothing Line After Being Accused of Copying Designs

Rob Kardashian launched a new clothing brand, Halfway Dead, less than one week ago

Rob Kardashian‘s newly launched clothing brand, Halfway Dead, is already dealing with some drama.

Just last week, the reality star, 32, announced his new endeavor with some help from younger sister Kylie Jenner, 21, who modeled his merch. But days later, Kardashian removed some designs from Halfway Dead’s website after the brand was accused of copying a skull graphic from another brand, Rx Skulls, according to a TMZ report.

Rob Kardashian
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Though the skull image is not featured on all of Kardashian’s Halfway Dead merchandise, it was prominently displayed on an orange hoodie and pins that have since been removed from the website.

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Sources told TMZ that Kardashian and Rx Skull settled the issue amicably.

After removing the items from its website, Halfway Dead released a statement about the origins of its skull design on its Instagram Story.

“I hate to even have to explain ourselves but we traced this skull above. We showed this to the artist who accused us of stealing his art and after seeing where we got it from he deleted his post about it. We both moved on and out of respect of the art being similar to his we are not releasing this graphic. We at HWD are artists who have been in the industry for over a decade and wouldn’t purposely copy anyone else’s original art,” the brand said.

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The new Kardashian fashion line is a collaboration with Nicky Diamonds (né Tershay), creator and designer of clothing brand Diamond Supply Co.

“Dropping a new brand soon I been working on the past few months with my bro @robkardashian and team. It’s 🔥🙏,” Diamonds tweeted ahead of the collab.

Multiple pieces sold out hours after the online store went live. In addition to Halfway Dead, Kardashian has a sock line called Arthur George.

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