'Riverdale' Star Madelaine Petsch on Cheryl Blossom's Season 2 Style Evolution, Being a 'Hair Color Virgin' and More!

The actress is spilling all of her style and beauty secrets

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If you’re counting down the minutes until the season 2 premiere of Riverdale Wednesday night, you’re not alone. The CW breakout hit, which mashes up the beloved Archie comic book characters with some very 2017 drama, has been touted by as a sexier, scarier Gossip Girl. And Riverdale‘s Queen B has a wardrobe that would leave even Blair Waldorf shaking in her Manolos.

That would be 23-year-old actress Madelaine Petsch, who plays Cheryl Blossom, the privileged captain of the cheerleading squad whose sordid family drama will be a major plot line in season 2. When we asked her about the Blair Waldorf comparisons, her response was simple: “My 12-year-old self is living right now.”

And that’s not all she had to say. Read our full interview with Petsch below.

What’s the best part about playing a Queen B like Cheryl Blossom?
“There are so many things I love about her, I mean if I could narrow it down to two, it would definitely be the complexity of the character and how many layers she has. As an actor that’s so fulfilling. And she’s always a surprise I think for people.”

And the clothes?
“I of course love her wardrobe. Every time I show up to a fitting, I literally want to steal every outfit and take it all home with me. Warner Brothers keeps a tab on anything over $200. So I’ve gotten a couple of little things, like a pair of earrings or a ring but anything over that and I had to buy it.”

Are we going to see a shift in Cheryl’s wardrobe for season two?
“It kind of evolves. It’s going to take a while for her style to evolve. But it’s going to become more mature and it’s going to become cleaner. Last season it was a lot of bright red lips, bright red shirts, bright red nails, bright red shoes. And it’s gonna become a little bit more put together I think this season.”

If you could switch wardrobes with any of the other character’s on the show, who would it be?
“No one’s. I love my wardrobe. I also love Veronica’s but it’s a little bit too conservative for me.”

Katie Yu/The CW

Is it true you always do your own lipstick on set ?
“Yeah, it’s just this really weird thing. We use a matte lipstick so it stays no matter where you put it — and I sit there and I’m very careful. And it’s just easier putting it on yourself then someone else doing it. That way I’m not having an anxiety attack hoping they don’t get it on my skin and then we’ll have to start all over. I’m the same way with my eyebrows. I’m very particular about the. I’m a redhead, but my eyebrows are blonde essentially, so I have to fill them in to look natural and I feel like nobody really gets that, so I do that.”

What is Cheryl’s go-to red lipstick?
“It’s a secret, unfortunately. But we have a couple different variations we’re bringing in this season so it’s not only bright red, but we’re going to do some dark reds and even some nude colors this season believe it or not.”

What’s your go-to color off set?
“After doing a whole season of a show where I wore so much makeup, I’m like very much like I’ll put concealer on, a little bit of like highlighter and some mascara and my brows and I walk out of the house. During my hiatus, I did not wear red lipstick one time, as I’m sure you could imagine. When I do a lip, I switch between two different lip pencils that match my lips. I love one that of course got discontinued by Urban Decay called Naked 2. But then I also found a Charlotte Tilbury pencil that I love — it’s called Charlotte Tilbury Iconic Nude. And then I add just a nude gloss over it.”

What’s the first big thing you bought yourself with your Riverdale paycheck?
“When we got a season two, I bought myself my first Cartier. I got the Cartier love ring in rose gold.”

Speaking of red hair, is that your natural color?
“Yes, I am a hair color virgin. I always wanted to dye my hair when I was younger, because I was the only redhead in the small town I grew up in in Washington. My mom never let me and now I am so thankful. KJ Apa [Archie] has to dye his hair all the time and they bring his box of color in to match test it with my natural color.”

Dean Buscher/The CW

Besides your hair, what do you think you have most in common with your character?
“I think I had a lot more in common with her when I was a little younger when I was still trying to figure out exactly who I was and who I was trying to be. She’s still definitely navigating the waters of being a grown up and figuring out who she is as an individual. But what we do have in common is this season versus last season; Cheryl is taking on a strength. She’s taking charge of her life and she’s not taking any B.S. from anybody and that’s something that we both have in common.”

What are you looking forward most to about season two?
“I can’t say much but I remember before we started shooting season two, our show runner did an interview basically likening Cheryl to Furiosa in Mad Max, and I can wholeheartedly attest to that. She is absolutely taking control of her own life and she is bringing in the reins and I think fans are gonna love that. I know I love that and it’s just a different side of her and it’s a stronger Cheryl. And I’m really excited for everyone to see it.”

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Is the cast as close off set as you seem?
“Oh absolutely. We hangout like every single weekend, we’re like obsessed with each other.”

Archie Andrews or Jughead Jones?
“Oh no! Neither! They’ve both got their perks and their weaknesses. I think Cheryl has a thing for redheads because it’s been ingrained into her head by her parents.”

Are you excited for the new season of Riverdale? What are you hoping for Cheryl Blossom? Share below!

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