Rita Ora and Katy Perry Wear 'Not Becky' Pins Post Met Gala, Prove They Play for Team Beyoncé

There was a lot of good hair last night, but nary a Becky in sight

Attention Beyhive! It’s time to whip out your mile-long list of every potential Becky, because your collection of
suspects to stalk on Instagram is about to get a whole lot shorter.

Last night, at one of the many Met Gala 2016 afterparties, celebs went out of their way to do us all a major solid and self-identify as not one of the “side chicks” Beyoncé scorned in Lemonade. Guests in attendance exited the party wearing pins that definitively labeled them as “Not Becky,” simultaneously squashing a whole lot of gossip in the process. And one of the most famously accused Beckys, i.e. Rita Ora, made it crystal clear she’s Team Bey, proudly wearing her pin on the after party circuit.



Earlier in the night, Ora also made it clear things were all good between the two ladies posting a selfie in which she referred to Bey as “family.”

In the aftermath of Beyoncé’s album, a number of ladies across the Internet have been tragically mislabeled as the potential Becky that inspired her album (we’re looking at you Rachael Ray).

Beyonce Lemonade Not Becky <a href="https://people.com/tag/katy-perry/" data-inlink="true">Katy Perry</a> Met Gala 2016 Balmain After Party

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So although Beyoncé celebrated the Met festivities with Balmain a few blocks over at the Gilded Lily, it appears as though her presence was felt throughout N.Y.C., with a handful of celebrities at the The Standard’s Boom Boom Room taking matters into their own hands last night, clearing the air once and for all by wearing a pin that finally put any rumors to rest. So if anyone was even remotely considering Katy Perry as a potential “Becky,” her pin indicates that you can clearly toss her on the “Not Becky” celeb pile.

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While the world will probably never know the truth behind the identity of the real Becky, if such a woman even actually exists, at least we can all sleep soundly tonight knowing that Beyoncé has bestowed upon the world yet another joyous meme that just keeps on giving, and giving, and giving. In the immortal words of the Queen, “Ashes to ashes, dust to side chicks.”

What do you think of these “Not Becky” pins? Sound off below!

–Emily Kirkpatrick

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