Yet another wacky hairstyle for the star

By Alex Apatoff
August 20, 2013 01:00 PM

Courtesy Rihanna

Say what you will about Rihanna‘s ever-changing haircuts, but you certainly can’t call them predictable. One moment her hair is gray, the next it’s short and curly, and most recently she’s sporting a particularly unusual look: A punky rat-tail mullet with mohawk overtones.

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Considering that just a few weeks ago, the star was rocking all-one-length curls, it’s unclear whether the mullet portion is her own hair, a rattail extension (hey, Miley did it), or some combination thereof.

And while the ’90s are back in a big way, we have a feeling that this tribute to Billy Ray Cyrus isn’t going to take off in the same way that, say, overalls have. This look can be filed squarely under “Things only Rihanna can pull off.” But the question remains: Is a rattail mullet too tricky for even the avant-garde star?

–Alex Apatoff