August 24, 2016 08:54 AM

New York is known for its interminable, sub-zero winters where the sidewalks turn into sheets of ice and the streets are packed full of mountains of dirt-colored slush. But all of that seems like a far-off, distant memory now that we’re nearing the end of August and have been enjoying month after month of non-stop sunny days. But there’s one person who despite the persistently sweltering temperatures remains chilled to her very core, and that person is Rihanna.

Since the singer landed in NYC on Monday, she’s stepped out in a parade of outfits more seasonally apropos for fall then the city’s current heat wave, giving us a sneak peek at everything we’re going to want to pull out of storage over the next three months or so. This green tracksuit is the latest piece of proof that Rihanna never breaks a sweat, walking around the city in 80-degree heat wearing a matching Trapstar  sweatshirt and sweatpants with her iced Starbucks coffee serving as the only tell-tale accessory to indicate the actual weather outside.

AKM-GSI; Splash News
AKM-GSI; Splash News

But those sweats were actually the Fenty entrepreneur’s second stab at Manhattan fall dressing, landing in the city at the beginning of the week and immediately hitting the streets in the perfect back to school ensemble, a brown puffer jacket paired with ripped jeans, boots, and a new GucciGhost tote bag.

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And let’s not forget this is also the second incongruous puffer Riri’s worn this week, kicking off the weekend in London (where it was all of 64 degrees) wearing a head-to-toe arctic tundra ready ensemble from her forthcoming collection for Puma.

Just in case you thought her insouciant attitude in regards to temperature was a recent development, recall that this is the coat-less look Rihanna chose to wear to ring in the New Year in this very same city:

To celebrate January first, the pop star opted for her skimpiest attire, donning a pink Fendi fur mini dress with no coat because who needs layers when you’re swaddled in tiny pieces of mink and marabou? To her credit, NYE 2016 wasn’t the coldest winter night on record, but with a low of 36, it’s still definitely not balmy enough for a mink stole belt to be the sole piece of outerwear keeping you warm. We always knew Rihanna was cool, but apparently she’s also straight up frostbitten.

What do you think of Rihanna’s seasonally inappropriate dressing? Have you ever worn a puffer in summer? Sound off below!

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