August 26, 2016 10:30 AM

As hard as we all may try, there can only be one true bad gal in this world, and that’s Rihanna. No matter how many short shorts and strappy heels you wear, pool swans you float on, or wine glasses you leave restaurants carrying, you’ll still tragically never magically transform into queen Rih. And on Wednesday, the pop star put one more obstacle between you and achieving her best life, stepping out in a pair of exclusive gold-plated Dior sunglasses she designed.

When it comes to a Rihanna ensemble, even when it seems totally casual and low-key, it’s typically still composed of more designer duds straight off the runway than most supermodels wear in an average work week. Her latest denim tuxedo look is a perfect example. You may think, ‘Hey, I have a jean skirt and jacket I could casually slump off my shoulders without a top underneath,’ and while you’re not wrong, your outfit is also definitely not Balenciaga, as is Riri’s. You also likely haven’t been working on a sunglass collaboration with one of the biggest French couture houses in the world that you’re now wearing on your face.

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You see, the “Only Girl in the World” paired her dressed down look with a very luxe pair of shades, donning an “exclusive gold-plated version” of her Star Trek-inspired Dior sunnies. While her sunglass designs typically start at around $729.50, considering those 24 karats, these currently not for sale shades are likely to cost you an additional grand or so, with comparable gold-plated Dior styles retailing for $1,578.

In other words, good luck getting a pair for yourself as, much like Drake’s solid gold Jordans, these were probably made as a one-off for the Fenty Corp. CEO. As the singer of exclusively #1 smash hit songs, Rihanna’s no stranger to making solid gold records, but thankfully, she can now also flaunt her King Midas status on her face.

What do you think of Rihanna’s new frames? Would you buy a pair? Sound off below!

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