Get ready to spend a small fortune on the newest releases

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated October 06, 2016 02:52 PM
Fenty Puma show, Spring Summer 2017, Paris Fashion Week, France - 28 Sep 2016
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Rihanna is an athleisure street style queen, regularly wearing the most impossible trends with ease, whether it’s a heart-shaped fur coat in the middle of summer or walking over a NYC subway grate in 6 inch heels without so much as a stumble. So it goes without saying that her collaboration collections for Puma have been equally chock-full of sportswear garb only suitable for the baddest fashionistas around. And today’s merch release was no exception, complete with sweatband veils, lace-up bodysuits, and plenty of extra long-sleeve crop tops for you to impulse spend your entire paycheck on.

While the demand for the release of the pop star’s creepers and furry slides has been monumental, regularly selling out in a matter of minutes, the demand for her apparel has been a little more relaxed with many of the pieces from the first release still available in slightly more limited sizing on Puma and other retailers websites. Perhaps that’s in part due to some of the pure wackiness and fashion-forward styles Rih has managed to incorporate into her every day workout looks, often crafting head-to-toe outfits only she could effectively pull off.

But whether you’re an aspiring BAMF or just looking to give your gym apparel a little upgrade, we’ve done all the legwork to make your FENTY shopping experience just a little bit smoother. Below, our round-up of all the most insane/amazing pieces you’re going to want to impulse purchase right now.

The Titular Sweatband Veil i.e. The Parisian Headband:


Because who couldn’t use a little more old-timey glamour in the midst of a serious sweat sesh?


And you thought the Kardashian’s waist-training would never catch on.


For when your arms are freezing, but your abs are on fire.


For when you’re a fashionista with $600 burning a hole in your pocket, but you might need to run an impromptu marathon later.


A whole new way to not wear your coat while still wearing a coat.


Because if there’s one thing we’ve always said while working out it’s that this sports bra needs more strings!


Where will you wear this you ask? More like, where won’t you wear it?

What do you think of Rihanna’s latest releases? What are you planning to buy? Sound off below!