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August 30, 2016 03:16 PM

As we pointed out after the MTV VMAs, Drake and Rihanna are the friends with benefits car crash we can’t seem to look away from, even though we know it can only end in heartbreak. Well, at least for us and for Drake; Rihanna will most likely just drift off into the Barbadian sunset on a swan float with a glass of chardonnay in her hand. But it seems like on Monday night, the When Herry Met Sally couple of our generation finally gave us our first major hint that they’ve made their relationship status official when Rihanna stepped out to grab dinner with the rapper on Monday night wearing a shirt dress that looked like it came straight out of Drake’s turtleneck-filled closet.

Okay, sure, maybe we’re reading (a lot) into things, but that “dress” does happen to bear a striking resemblance to the tuxedo button down Drake wore to introduce and profess his love for the Video Vanguard winner on Sunday. The next day, the pair had dinner together at Nobu in N.Y.C. where Rihanna accessorized her oversized white button-down with a brown belt, brown tassled Aquazzura sandals and a pink clutch, nonchalantly detaching the collar on one side just for a little extra zhuzh. But as anyone who’s ever tried to make a fashion moment out of a walk of shame knows, a button-down is the go-to uniform of a lady who just spent the night but still wants to incorporate some plausible deniability into her next day ensemble. (Although when worn un-belted, the shirt has even less deniability built in.)

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However, almost as quickly as this dream sartorial ‘ship was born, it was dashed against the rocky shoreline of reality. Tom Ford, the brand behind Drake’s black tie apparel from this weekend, quickly and tragically confirmed that Riri’s top is not one of their fine pieces of apparel. Alas, the AubRih relationship lives to be speculated endlessly over for yet another day. Oh well, you can’t blame an office full of girls for trying.

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