The starlet says her new hairstyle is as heavy as "Goliath's balls"

By jencress
Updated May 24, 2012 03:30 PM

John Shearer/Invision/AP

Well that was fast! Just a few weeks after showing off a half-shaved hairdo, Rihanna debuted a brand new look on Wednesday night’s American Idol — dreadlocks.

Prior to her “Where Have You Been” performance during the big finale, the pop star Tweeted a preview of her new hair, along with a caption saying, “Wake bake shake dem dreads.”

It seems as if the Bajan beauty switches her look as often as she changes her signature hats.

Just this year she got rid of her Loud era’s red hair and opted for a more natural brunette hue, then she went blonde back in February and most recently went back to black.

Although she didn’t dye her mane, the new dreadlocks are definitely different — and possibly here to stay. Rihanna Tweeted that she’s wanted them “since I was 14, but mama Fent’z wasn’t havin it! Hehe.”

Apparently, the mane is also quite heavy (though that didn’t slow down her performance Wednesday night); she compared the weight of the dreads to, ahem, “Goliath’s balls.”

Only time will tell how long this new style will last, but what do you think? Does she pull it off? Or is this too over-the-top?

–Jennifer Cress