The star is sporting a totally new look for her

Devone Byrd/Pacific Coast News

Would anyone object if we changed the name of this site to the Rihanna Hair Chronicles? It feels as though every week we’ve got a new update on the star’s ever-changing strands.

Her latest look is a short, curly crop that ends just below her ears. She ditched her blonde bangs and long gray waves for her natural dark brunette hue.

Most surprising of all: For a star that’s had pretty much every hairstyle under the sun, she hasn’t really ever rocked natural, tight curls like these. At first, she seemed skeptical of the cut, posting on Instagram, “Still tryna get used to my hurr.” But judging by the many subsequent pics she’s posted since, she’s definitely more into it now.

We’re used to Rihanna being so over-the-top that we are totally into this new, laid-back look for her. But tell us: What do you think about the star with her new do?

–Alex Apatoff