Rihanna's Fashion Mantra: 'I Want to Do Everything in the Most Extreme Way Possible'

The star gave an insightful interview at Vogue's Forces of Fashion conference

Vogue's Forces Of Fashion Conference
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Rihanna is a singer, actress, fashion designer, makeup guru and just recently turned, fashion blogger. The star has been sharing Instagram snaps of her over-the-top outfits all week and her latest look definitely falls into that “for bloggers only” category.

She attended Vogue‘s Forces of Fashion conference in N.Y.C. on Thursday wearing a head-to-toe matching denim ensemble by Tom Ford featuring a cropped jean jacket, ultra-short mini skirt and coordinating cap-toe boots.

Her ultra-chic take on the Canadian tuxedo comes from her current obsession with tailored outfits. At the conference she told Vogue‘s Hamish Bowles: “I love the tailored looks that feel fresh and youthful,” she said. “Sometimes even with sneakers or my hair just up in a ponytail.”

One way she comes up with so many inventive, creative outfits is because she says nothing is off limits. “For me there aren’t many boundaries with fashion, really,” she said. “I want to do everything and in the most extreme way possible, but [my style evolution] started with me knowing myself and knowing what I want.”

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During her chat, she explained that she has no problem being held at a different standard as a celebrity designer because for her, it’s all about producing the best product there can be. “What I love the most is when someone who is not a fan of mine walks into a store and loves a piece, loves the product, whether it’s makeup or clothes,” she said. “That tells me a lot; it means that you genuinely love what I have to offer—I like when things are respected solely for how great they are.”

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With her recent launch of Fenty Beauty, she’s seen a lot of those genuine moments lately. “We have this amazing emotional connection with customers who’ve never been able to find their shade of foundation before—women crying at the [makeup] counter—it’s crazy to even think about,” she said about Fenty Beauty. “The first woman I saw put makeup on her face was a black woman—my mom—and when I think of my customers, I want everyone to feel like they can find their color, that they are represented as part of this new generation.”

If you’re just as excited as Rihanna about her current design domination, she has no plans of stopping anytime soon. “I have long-term goals in fashion, but not so much with any one brand. You just never know what’s going to happen.”

What do you think of her outfit?

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