Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Star Morgan Stewart's Two-Piece Wedding Dress Was an Accident: Find Out all of the Details

The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star spills all of her wedding day details

In case you missed it, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills stars Morgan Stewart and Brendan Fitzpatrick tied the knot Saturday — and between her jaw-dropping two-piece gown and flawless up-do, we haven’t stopped talking about the look. Which is why we had to speak to Stewart herself to get all of the exclusive details on her wedding day ensemble (and all of the prep that lead up to her big day).

Morgan Stewart Wedding

Lucas Rossi Photography

The star wore a custom Badgley Mischka top and skirt combo, which she described as her “wedding outfit.” But the look, which she says she found right before she gave up on her search altogether, wasn’t what she had in mind from the start.

“The shirt was actually originally going to go over the dress that I chose, and I was going to take it off for the ceremony, and then I was looking around the store at Badgley Mischka and I saw the skirt, and I was like, ‘Wait… what is this?’ She was like, ‘Oh somebody’s coming in to look at that.’ And I was like, ‘No they’re not, this is what I’m going to wear for my wedding,'” Stewart tells PeopleStyle exclusively of her first skirt of the evening. “The top actually flipped the other way originally, and it was loose cause it was supposed to be a mini jacket. So I basically transformed it into a top with the boys [Mark Badgley and James Mischka] and then I had them remake me this skirt to perfection.”

Badgley Mischka

Courtesy Badgley Mischka

Fitzpatrick, who wore a custom Tom Ford midnight blue tuxedo, didn’t have a peek at his bride’s dress before the big day — as a matter of fact, no one besides her mom and best friend Jon Zakarya had seen what she’d be wearing. But Stewart says that the moment her now husband saw her at the top of the aisle, he said, “I knew you’d wear something like that.”

Lucas Rossi Photography

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And it obviously wouldn’t be a true reality TV wedding without a major outfit change. During the reception, Stewart (who maintains she never looked into a mirror the entire night and relied on Instagram photos to judge her looks!) changed into a custom-made Badgley Mischka beaded mini-skirt, which she plans on wearing again very soon.

“If I don’t get a mother f—ing full length photo of the second skirt I’m going to lose my mind,” Stewart laughs. “I’m totally going to wear it again next week — I’m going to totally do it up again. The boys were like, ‘Let us make you a beaded skirt,’ and it worked! I was like, ‘Oh I don’t know how that’s going to look, I’m not really into beading or heavy embellishments’ and they made me this skirt and I could not breathe. It was the cutest thing ever and I can wear it over and over and over — that’s a skirt I can wear on New Years Eve. It was perfect.”

Lucas Rossi Photography

Lucas Rossi Photography

The other thing she swapped out during the evening? Her custom-made white Christian Louboutin pumps, which Stewart admits were slightly too tight.

“I’ll cut my foot off before I do a shoe change or go barefoot, but I really had a hard time that night, probably because my blood was pumping so I was a bit more swollen,” she says, adding another possible reason for the switch: “That’s because I got married in mercury over retrograde.”

But her outfit wasn’t the only thing worth swooning over — her jewels, designed by Martin Katz, included stunning drop earrings that she describes as “the perfect size and just the perfect touch,” along with her brand new wedding band.

Lucas Rossi Photography; Earrings: CourtesyMartin Katz; Rings: Jillian Ruffo/People

Lucas Rossi Photography; Earrings: Courtesy Martin Katz

And if you look closer, you’ll notice another ring on her and her new husband’s pinky fingers: The couple wore matching signet rings engraved with Fitzpatrick’s family crest, which he gifted her two of (one in rose gold and another in white gold, both engraved with the words “I love you”) for their three-year anniversary back in November.

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As for her hair and makeup, Stewart shares that she wanted to look like herself, with neutral makeup by Ernesto Casillas and an up-do created by David Stanwell for the ceremony, which she later took down for the reception.

“To be honest, I didn’t really fuss too much about hair and makeup,” she says. “I got there the day of and we threw it up and that was really it. I knew I wanted it to be up and I wanted it to be kind of loose and bridal-y. Its like when you wake up on your birthday, you’re beautiful no matter what and I knew on my wedding day I’d wake up beautiful no matter what so I just kind of relied on that.”

Morgan Stewart Wedding

Lucas Rossi Photography

And if Stewart’s bridesmaids’ dresses look familiar, it’s because she wore the exact same number at her engagement party.

“I was thinking about bridesmaids dresses and I was looking for bridesmaids dresses and I was like, ‘Oh my god these are all so terrible I can’t have my friends looking like that,’ so they all basically wore what I wore to my engagement party.”

So how did the star achieve her slimmed-down wedding day figure? She credits “the tailoring” of her outfit, adding that her diet and exercise routines were pretty low-key; she worked out three days leading up to the wedding and dieted only a week in advance.

“I was working until the last minute, so it’s just impossible when you’re tired and you have things to do,” she says, “You can’t just survive off of salad and salmon — you need to eat, you know? So that Monday I got really into gear.”

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— Jillian Ruffo

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