Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Star EJ Johnson on Dressing After His 180-Pound Weight Loss: 'I'm Always Scantily Clad'

Magic Johnson's son is ready to flaunt his new body on his new reality show, EJNYC

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Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

EJ Johnson, Magic Johnson’s son and series regular on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, has been flaunting his amazing sense of style ever since he first hit the spotlight. But now with a brand new E! spinoff and a new body, he’s giving us a closer look at his sartorial skills as he takes New York City by storm.

“It was always my goal to do my own show,” Johnson tells PeopleStyle of his new show, EJNYC. “It’s about me, my sister and all of our friends living in New York and paving our way, creating our careers and stuff like that. It’s just a very coming of age story. There’s a lot of fashion. There will be a lot of drama. It’s going to be amazing.”

For Johnson, who turned 24 this month (yes, his birthday extravaganza will be featured on the show), fashion is a major part of his life — especially after his recent 180-pound weight loss.

“My style has changed drastically,” he says of his look since his transformation. “I’m always scantily clad or showing skin and wearing bodycon stuff. This is the way I’ve always wanted to dress and I can pretty much fit into anything I want — I am just having literally a ball. Walking outside is so exciting for me now”

“Scantily clad” is right: Johnson has been flaunting his slim figure in short skirts, skin-tight tops and sheer ensembles — and he even channeled one of Kim Kardashian’s looks wearing a LaQuan Smith custom mesh jumpsuit to his Rich Kids of Beverly Hills co-star Morgan Stewart’s wedding.

“I’ve always had an affinity towards things with mesh so things like that have been what I wanted to wear,” he said of his look for Stewart’s wedding. “[Kardashian] wore a dress that was similar to the jumpsuit that I was wearing. I adore [the designer] LaQuan Smith. He’s a very good friend of mine as well as one of my favorite designers.”

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EJ Johnson and Kim Kardashian LaQuan Smith Fashion Faceoff

Getty; Instagram

So what can we expect on upcoming episodes of EJNYC? A whole lot of fashion. “There’s going-out looks, there’s going-to-meetings looks, there’s dinner looks, there’s shopping and lunch looks,” he says. “Like there’s just looks all over the place so I’ve been able to create different looks for every situation. I pretty much have been able to outfit my entire life wherever I am going.”

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And with cameras constantly rolling, Johnson cares about more than just his clothes when it comes to his appearance. He tells PeopleStyle that his skin equally as important as what he’s wearing.

“I get my monthly facial and I make sure I am using exfoliate and am using all my products,” he explains. “I make sure I put on just a little bit of concealer and a little bit of tinted moisturizer before we start. My skin is one of my favorite assets about my body and I take very good care of it.”

But with his growing fame, a new body and heightened confidence, Johnson shares that looks and drama aside, it all comes down to being true to himself — which is a message he wants to spread.

“You are always going to be your number one advocate, your number one best friend,” he says. “Have that self-confidence and take the time to go out and get to know yourself, learn to love yourself. At the end of the day, all you really have in your heart is you.”

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— Jillian Ruffo

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