'RHONY' 's New Cast Member Leah McSweeney Causes Drama in the Hamptons with Her 'Tramp Stamp' Reveal

The ladies of RHONY had a very strong reaction to Leah McSweeney's lower back tattoo

Leah McSweeney
Leah McSweeney. Photo: Sophy Holland/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty

The Real Housewives of New York City ladies did not give newbie Leah McSweeney the warmest welcome during their trip to the Hamptons.

On this week’s episode, the newest addition to the group revealed to Sonja Morgan, 56, and Tinsley Mortimer, 44, that she has several tattoos, including one on her back. “It’s a tramp stamp,” revealed McSweeney, 37. She explained that tattoo of her name —which she is having removed — was her very first tattoo, but her fellow cast members did not react very positively.

“Leah has a beautiful body, and I think that says something negative about her that she would get tattoos, because it’s very self-defacating,” said Morgan in a testimonial, before realizing that wasn’t the word she meant to say. “It’s like [sic] self-defaming.” She also joked with McSweeney that the two can never sleep together now, as Morgan explained she does not have sex with people with tattoos. “That’s a dealbreaker for me.”


Later in the episode, at Ramona Singer’s Hamptons home, after Morgan revealed the news of McSweeney’s “tramp stamp” to Dorinda Medley, 55, the conversation reverted back to the topic of body art. “I feel like everyone has tattoos,” says McSweeney, to which Morgan replied, “Nobody has tattoos,” referring to the rest of the ladies. (However, Mortimer confessed in the beginning of the episode that she still has a tattoo of her ex-husband’s initials.)

“I don’t talk to people with tattoos,” said Singer, 63, to the group. She also stated in a confessional, “I’m not sure what a tramp stamp is, but it doesn’t sound very nice.”

The group — particularly Singer, Morgan and Medley — continued to make off-color jokes about McSweeney’s tattoo. “If [Ramona] forgets [your name], you just need to turn around and bend over,” said Medley.

“We just met. That is rude,” said McSweeney in her testimonial. “Do you ever leave your 1% Upper East Side bubble? Ever?”


Just when it seems that the tattoo-centric squabble was finally over, while getting ready for dinner, a game of “telephone” kept the tension afloat. McSweeney told Mortimer that the conversation earlier upset her. Mortimer then confided in Morgan that the ladies’ teasing of McSweeney, particularly Medley’s comment, was “not okay.” Morgan, however, was unmoved, explaining that Medley is going through a rough time and is “very angry.”

“When I was growing up, people with tattoos were going to kidnap you,” said Medley in a final confrontation with McSweeney before dinner. Medley then tried to pass her earlier comments about McSweeney off as a joke, before telling her she doesn’t know her. “I couldn’t pick you out of a line-up.”

However, at dinner, McSweeney seemed to make her peace with the other ladies. “I’m not that offended by the tramp stamp comment. It’s not the worst thing that someone’s ever said to me, but, Dorinda, girl, I’ve got my eye on you now.”

In an Instagram post following the episode, McSweeney poked fun at the whole incident by drawing tattoos on the other RHONY women. “There, fixed it! #RHONY #TrampStampForLife.”

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