'RHOBH' 's Dorit Kemsley Breaks Down Her Style Secrets - and Reveals Her Husband Steals from Boy George's Closet

She's really into Gucci headscarves and designer beach towels right now

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When a new cast member joins The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it’s expected that she’ll have a larger-than-life closet and own a mind-boggling number of Birkins, but season 7 newbie Dorit Kemsley’s style was even more extravagant than we expected. Thanks to her stylist Jazmin Gonzalez and glam team, they came up with the most creative and inventive looks of the season (okay, maybe tied with Erika Jayne’s T-shirt dress). And with so many surprising looks, came a list of questions we were dying to ask. How does she handle such tight topknots? Where’s the infamous Birkin bag her husband Paul Kemsley “PK” promised to buy her during the Mexico trip? While we wait to find out if she’ll return for a second season, we’re reliving Dorit’s most over-the-top fashion moments with her, below.

PeopleStyle: What was your favorite outfit that you wore on the show?
Dorit Kemsley: I loved that Alexander McQueen outfit. That bell-shaped jacket and the pencil skirt. It was off-white. I wore my hair in a topknot. I had lunch with Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson. I found it very elegant. I paired it with some purple Gianvito Rossi heels — very feminine and an exquisite silhouette. I loved that.

PS: Is there an outfit you regret wearing on the show?
DK: No, no. I don’t think there is anything I regret having worn.

PS: You had so many amazing hair moments this season, which was your favorite?
DK: I loved it down and effortless and those great beachy waves. I loved the 24kt gold look at the finale party, that was so fun for me. I love a topknot, hair pulled up. I love them all. I love the braids. I would say it’s more difficult for me to give you a hairstyle I don’t like.

PS: Speaking of the tight topknots… is there a trick to avoid getting headaches when you wear them?
DK: No darling, there’s absolutely no trick. You’ll have an instant face-lift and first of all you’ll have migraine. I’d say at least 75 percent of the time it doesn’t hurt and then there are the occasional times where I just feel like my brains are being squeezed and mutilated.

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Cibelle Levi

PS: What is the one thing you’ll splurge on every summer?
DK: To be honest I’ve got a drawer full of sunglasses. It’s comical. People come into my house and my husband shows them. He opens my top drawer and it’s full of sunglasses and it’s because I love accessorizing and it’s a fun way to jazz up a simple outfit. So I always splurge on sunglasses. I did buy for the first time designer towels, which I hadn’t ever been into but I splurged on a couple of Missoni towels and I have one Chanel towel, it’s from the Cuba collection and I just love it. I feel like it’s a keepsake — something that I’ll have forever and I’ll give to my daughter.

PS: What is the last purchase you made for yourself?
DK: A Gucci headscarf. I’m really into hair accessories. I’ve got a ton of hats; I love them. And I love playing with different hairstyles and different hair accessories so I was in Gucci and I found these headscarves… I think I bought about half a dozen.

PS: On the show we saw you jump off a boat in Mexico when PK promised you a Birkin bag. Where is that? Is it still in your closet?
DK: Oh yes. It’s in my closet. It’s there. It smiles at me everyday. He made good on his promise. It’s one of three that I have so far. I love Birkin. I think you can wear a Birkin bag with anything. I mean even when I throw on some sweatpants, with sneakers or creepers and a vintage tee, I think you can have a Birkin with it and it just elevates the outfit.

PS: What was the most extravagant gift that you’ve ever received from PK?
DK: I get that a lot. I don’t know. [He gave me a] gorgeous gold Rolex watch that was inscribed with a beautiful saying for our wedding and that was beautiful. It’s not so much extravagance if I’m honest, I mean mind you, anyone would think a gold Rolex is extravagant, that’s for sure. But certain pieces that he’s bought me for Mother’s Day that symbolize our children. I would say my [gift for my ] first Mother’s Day is probably one of the most extravagant things I own because it’s so sentimental. It’s three Cartier rings intertwined and he put in a note, ‘This necklace represents the unbreakable bond between the three of us.’ Jagger was just born a couple of months before. I look at it and it’s one of my favorites, if not my favorite pieces in my drawer.

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Cibelle Levi

PS: Would you say PK is as interested in fashion as you are?
DK: He loves fashion and he has great taste and great style. He is my go-to person when I can’t decide between a pair of shoes or a handbag or an outfit. And he knows me so well and to be honest, I love dressing for him so he’s always the one I want to impress the most. Sometimes when I’m in a rush and I don’t know which one looks better or which one I’m in the mood for, he always comes in and has an opinion immediately. He’s got great style. I love the way he dresses. He’s got a bit rock and roll, he’s definitely got that English side to him but he likes to play. And now I think having Boy George in his life, I think he’s definitely gone even more extreme when it comes to fashion. A lot of the pieces that he ends up wearing are pieces he’s stolen from George’s closet.

PS: Do you have a section in your closet that you know you’ll want to hand down to your daughter one day?
DK: I like to purge my closet twice a year. A good clean out, springtime always. I’ve done that for the last 25 to 30 years maybe even longer but I would say two times a year, I clean it out. But now that I have my little girl, I’ve got boxes in areas for her with sentimental pieces or pieces I’d like to see in ten years or I’ve love to see her in. And then the rest my sister and my mother, who are both the same size as I am, they benefit from a lot of the other things and then I have friends and other people who are always standing in line waiting for those two times a year where I clean out my closet and give away what I have. I like for my things to live on and I always take care of my things so they’re like new when someone else gets them.

PS: Are you thinking about getting back into swimwear designing or launching your own products?
DK: Well I’m very happy to say I’m in the thick of designing and re-launching my swimwear [line], so I’ve been designing for the last few months. I’m really excited to see how that comes up, and I’m confident it’s gonna be one of my best yet. But you should certainly expect it within the year to be out available to the public.

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PS: Did you watch any of the Real Housewives franchises before joining the cast of Beverly Hills?
DK: I had in the past. I would say there were those couple of years, I was having kids and I didn’t have much time so I got behind a little bit, but I had seen Beverly Hills, a little bit of New York, and then obviously when I signed up for the show, I felt like I needed a crash course so I ran through the previous seasons but I think I was already into filming by the time I got through it.

PS: Do you think that prepped you for the drama on the show?
DK: No I don’t think there’s any preparation for it. Even going into it, I convinced myself there was no way to prep for it and you just had to be yourself and go with it. And that’s the way I live my life, I don’t think before I speak. That’s why a lot of people think I run on and chatter a lot but it’s who I am. I can’t plan for everything particularly the crazy life that we have. And my husband and I we’re like two peas in a pod. We’re so alike in this regard, we don’t have very regimented lives. Our lives, our businesses and our children are ever-evolving and ever-changing and ever-moving so we kind of go with the flow, and I think that’s what my experience on Housewives was… just going with the flow.

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