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September 11, 2016 09:24 PM

Better Call Saul actress Rhea Seehorn has a simple rule for looking her best on the red carpet at glamourous Hollywood events like the Creative Arts Emmys: better call her stylist!

“I’m not very good on the red carpet – that’s always terrifying to me!” the actress, who plays attorney Kim Wexler on the Breaking Bad spin-off, admitted to PEOPLE while attending as a presenter at Saturday’s ceremony. “I always wished like they had a separate red carpet that was for the character actors, because I never said that I was a model or had leading lady looks, so I’m always like, ‘Can’t we have like some kind of weird bypass lane?’ “

“I’m thankful to get to wear beautiful clothing … but there’s other part of me that thinks like, ‘Yeah, I know I’m posing weird, because I don’t know how to pose. I never said I could pose!’ ” she laughed.

Because Seehorn has a wide-ranging personal style away from the red carpet she says she turns to her “amazing stylist Jordan Grossman, and she helps me be me, but like a little bit outside of my box.”

“Because I’m not always used to having the access to such beautiful and interesting clothing and artistic statements, and then you just try to figure out who you are, and that’s really fun,” she said.

For the Creative Arts Emmys she went with a glam red gown from one of her current go-to favorite designers, Haney.

“She’s a California-local designer, but now she’s internationally known, so I was very lucky to get to borrow something,” said Seehorn. “She does a lot of these just very sexy, breezy, trying-to-look-like-you’re-not-trying-too-hard California glamour that feels a little bit old Hollywood but a little bit modern, and I’m kind of in love with them right now.” Her other recent favorites include the styles of Stella McCartney and J Mendel.

Away from A-list occasions, she opts for a very different aesthetic. “My fiancé says I dress like Annie Hall, which I like,” she laughed. “I am somewhere at that, and Sally Albright from When Harry Met Sally – I wish it was fall year around, and that I was wearing layers. They are two of my style icons. I don’t always pull that off, but yeah, there’s a lot of baggy menswear, cinched, and I do have a collection of Oxford shoes.”

Now that’s she finally gotten the hang of being photographed while looking her best at Hollywood events, she’s recently gotten a taste of the flip side: “My very first paparazzi picture came out recently, and I am on the way to the gym, so I’m wearing gym clothes. The things is, I really was going to the gym. It wasn’t active wear where you just hang out and have a coffee, so I’m literally, like, no makeup.”

“And not it was even a particularly attractive gym wear outfit, because I can’t stand working out, so once I go, I’m the sweating, panting, huffing person that’s like, ‘If you’re here, you’re going to do it. You’re going to do it. There’s no half-a–ing.’ But it wasn’t the worst. It wasn’t the worst. And there was another part of me which was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m in a tabloid – how funny!'”

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