The Revenge matriarch shares all of her secrets to looking unbelievable in your 50s

By Alex Apatoff
September 19, 2013 01:00 PM

Larsen&Talbert for NewBeauty

Anyone who has ever watched Revenge has asked themselves this question. No, not “What the heck is going on?” It’s “What is Madeleine Stowe doing to look so freakin’ amazing at 55?”

As the villainous matriarch of the Grayson family, Stowe has her fair share of close-ups, and it’s clear she’s got the amazing skin to handle an HD camera without breaking a sweat. NewBeauty magazine snagged the star for their October cover (on stands Sept. 24) to get to the bottom of just how she does it — and gave us an exclusive first look.

First up, let’s get one thing out of the way: The secret isn’t Botox. “My mother told me: ‘Stay out of the sun and don’t wrinkle your forehead.’ She used to scream when I made that expression that crinkles it,” she tells the mag. “Now everyone thinks I’ve had Botox, and I have to make that face to prove I haven’t.”

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Larsen&Talbert for NewBeauty

So what’s the secret? She shares tons of good tidbits in her interview, from her favorite sunscreen and foundation (though she admits to not liking to wear makeup at all) to doing facial exercises to keep things flexible. Perhaps our favorite Stowe anti-aging secret? Skipping the gym. “I’m a big believer in not overexercising. The strain wears your skin down and ages you.”

She’s also a big believer in skipping juice cleanses: “I think juice cleanses and all of those detoxes are total BS. I love fresh juices and I drink them, but can anyone really explain to me what a toxin is?” But the bottom line, Stowe says, is that the major key to her beauty is living well.

“Aesthetically speaking, would I rather look the way I did in my 30s? Sure, of course I would,” she says. “But … I feel happier than I did when I was younger. Is it a cliché? Maybe. But I am making a deliberate attempt to enjoy the moment and be really curious and live life … When I do that, people usually say, ‘You look terrific today.’”

Check out the magazine and for more, then let us know what think of Stowe’s beauty secrets. And seriously. How amazing is she on Revenge?

–Alex Apatoff