You can fit a ton of beauty, makeup, and hair must-haves in this hyper organized makeup case

By Jessica Leigh Mattern
May 07, 2019 05:29 PM

There’s almost nothing more tragic than opening your makeup bag to discover a crushed palette, damaged brush, or broken compact, which is why Amazon shoppers love this surprisingly affordable makeup case designed to organize and protect your most precious beauty essentials.

This customizable makeup case from Relavel, which you can snag for under $20, is Amazon’s most reviewed beauty bag. Amazon shoppers love the nylon case’s many protective compartments, which you can rearrange to best fit your makeup collection, as well as its high-quality materials and large size.

Thanks to its adjustable dividers, makeup and beauty tools are neatly and securely stored inside so they aren’t jostled around during travel. The compartments also ensure you can organize a vast collection by product, size, or however you want, making it easy to spot exactly what you need. The sturdy case, which is ideal for travel, can also be kept on your bathroom counter to keep all of your favorites in one spot.


Buy It! Relavel Travel Makeup Train Case, $18.98;

Amazon shoppers gave the hard case a 4.4-star review with hundreds praising its durability, easy-to-clean nylon material, and thoughtful design. “This makeup bag is exactly what I’ve been looking for,” one reviewer wrote. “Its hard exterior protects my makeup, the adjustable dividers allow for multiple uses, my brushes are protected from getting dirty and the zipper pocket is big enough to hold my palettes. It’s very durable, not too bulky, and the handle makes it easy to carry.”

“I absolutely love this case,” another chimed in. “It is so functional and practical. I used to be so frustrated in the morning, being tired and fumbling around in three makeup bags! Now [everything] fits in one. My Morphe palette even fits!”

While the sturdy case was designed for professionals, makeup hoarders and artists of all skill levels love it. The bag is also versatile enough to use for all sorts of interests and hobbies including photography, painting, crafting, and more. And since it’s designed for travel, you can use it house toiletries and other items like jewelry, accessories, camera pieces, and valuables.

For a limited time, Prime members can score a discount on the makeup case thanks to the special coupon featured in the product listing, making the inexpensive organizer even more affordable. And just think how much money you’ll save when you don’t have to replace a crushed palette or frayed brush every time you travel!