Reese Witherspoon takes us inside the grand opening day of her Draper James Dallas store

By Catherine Kast
Updated October 12, 2016 11:05 AM

With her carefully curated feed — she’s got a sharp eye for a good motivational quote, the next great novel, and all things preppy and pretty — Reese Witherspoon has earned a spot in the Instagram hall of fame. And we got to see her aesthetic in action at the opening of her second Draper James store in Dallas, TX! The star took us inside the special grand opening launch event, which included bellinis with bloggers, a special meeting with a local Girls Inc. chapter, and a killer party complete with live country music. “I just want to have everybody come in and feel at home here,” she told PeopleStyle of the store.

After lots of coffee and getting glam (“Women in Dallas like to have good hair,” she says. “It’s important!”), Reese arrived at the store, which she was seeing in person for the first time. She took us through some of her favorite pieces, including her fall Tailgate collection, which she says brings “elevated design” to the football-loving masses.

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Witherspoon chatted with bloggers about the launch, and dined on peanut butter and jelly biscuits, fancy donuts and berry bellinis. “They just all embody that spirit of Texas living,” she says. “It’s great to see how they wear the clothes too; they’ll style it differently than other people. I always like to see how people put their own flair on things.”

Next, she visited the local Girls Inc. chapter. “Wherever there’s a Draper James, there’s always a relationship with a Girls Inc. in that community,” she says.

The brand is working to help start a local program to teach young women to build confidence in handling their own finances. “Whether it’s how to fill out an employment form or how to pay your taxes or ‘What does it mean to have your first checking account?'” says Witherspoon. “I’ve gotten a chance to sit in with some of those groups and it’s really interesting to see what young women know and don’t know about their finances and how their families pay the bills. We’re just going to take some of the fear out of money and open up the conversation about financial empowerment for young women.”

She got to take a quick break before returning to the store for a cocktail party with customers, friends and family, including her husband Jim Toth and her daughter Ava, 16. “I have never felt more welcome in a city in my entire life,” she told the crowd at the event, which included a performance from country star Jessi Alexander and her husband Jon Randall. “I’m from Nashville, and we opened our first Draper James store in Nashville and it was a great turnout but, I have never seen so many happy, enthusiastic, welcoming, friendly people in my life. You know when you’re having a party and you’re so worried no one’s going to show up? But y’all showed up! It’s so exciting.”

Of course, a day with Reese wouldn’t be complete without some sassy Southern sayings. “Pretty much anything that wasn’t moving, we put a ‘y’all’ on it!” she says of her adorable wares. “I just like to incorporate those little pieces of humor because life— and fashion—doesn’t have to be so serious.”