You need to hear Reese's desert island must-haves

The Hollywood Reporter announced Hollywood’s 25 Best Beauty Moments of 2015 Wednesday, ranking Reese Witherspoon’s Golden Globes look at No. 3. But the awards don’t only highlight the celebs — they also pay homage to their glam squads.

Reese Witherspoon The Hollywood Reporter

Miller Mobley/The Hollywood Reporter

In a video from their magazine cover shoot, Witherspoon and her longtime makeup artist Molly R. Stern elaborate on the day they met in the late ’90s.

“I was being zipped into a pair of leather pants, and Molly was doing my makeup and the stylist was zipping the leather pants and ripped my skin,” Witherspoon recalls. Stern then adds that she “nurtured her, and that’s when we fell in love.”

Reese Witherspoon The Hollywood Reporter

Miller Mobley/The Hollywood Reporter

The two seem so close that they can finish each other’s sentences — and while Stern is a bit hesitant to reveal the secrets that she’s taught Witherspoon throughout the years, she eventually gives in.

“She taught me a lot about fake eyelashes,” Witherspoon reveals, and Stern jumps in to say that she trims them in order to make them look more natural. “Individuals, I’m not into strips. I like to build the eye.”

But it’s Stern’s natural take on beauty that Witherspoon says she likes most. She recalls complaining to Stern about her smile lines a few years ago, to which Stern replied, “It’s cause you’re smiling.”

The duo goes on to joke about their time together. Fun fact: Stern’s husband’s nickname for Witherspoon is Feeshe Fitherspoon.

And when it comes to Witherspoon’s must-have desert island products, they decide on “Sunscreen…and tequila.”

We feel you, Reese.

–Jillian Ruffo